Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome Post!

My mom read my blog for the first time yesterday. After I've written 50 plus entries. She's got some catching up to do. Get to work woman!

She also sent out the the address to my blog and my father's blog to a lot of her friends (if you were sent here by her, Hi. Glad you could make it. Make yourself at home, stay awhile.) She did this before she had read any of the entries of my blog, so if you're offended by anything here, don't blame her. But ask yourself, seriously, why are you such a prude? I thought it might be nice if I gave you little tour of the place. Over to the right, I have lots of cool things you can check out. If you have GoogleTalk, you can chat with me (unless I'm not online... sorry, 'bout that). You can click on the "Call Me" button to record a voice mail for me to listen to. (By recording me a message, I reserve the right to play it for my, and other's, amusement.) You can follow my twitter account below that. Look through my archive, all kinds of stuff.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon?

1 comment:

Pagan Lizard said...

you rock harder than my mom on prom night. how can anyone be offended by what you put in here. well, i have to admit, barbies sex tape... no, that was just DAMN funny.