Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ken's new girlfriend?

Barbie and her friends were happy for a day at the beach, until Kristy pointed someone out to Barbie. Ken! But who's that with him?

Sidney! The last winner of America’s Next Top Model! Just great, maybe the girls will get lucky and the two lovebirds won’t notice them.

Guess not.

Barbie, this is Sidney. Sidney, this is Barbie.

Sidney says, “Thanks for letting me come over here to change into my swimsuit.”

But what are those scars on her ribs? When asked Sidney admits to having some “work done”. Like removing a few ribs to get a “girlish figure”.

“Well, thanks for letting me change here, see ya’ around.”

The three friends gossiped while changing. They all agreed, there was something weird about the model, Sidney.

Her hips were much narrower then they’d ever seen on a girl.

Her hands were large for a girl of her height.

And she wore a size 14 shoe.

Could it be that Ken's new girl, Sidney, was once a boy, named Sid?

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Pagan Lizard said...

And Ken thought no one would recognize "Sid"... Barbie is going to be so disappointed when she reads this... though, I think it will answer some lingering questions...