Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don Tolman wants to put his banana in your avacado.

I recently got an e-mail forwarded to me detailing how "every whole food has a pattern that resembles a body organ or physiological function and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign as to the benefit the food provides the eater."

"A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye...and YES science now shows that carrots enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes."

I was curious as to whether there was any truth to it or not. However I got derailed. When you enter the example above, word for word, into Google, the first website listed is Don Tolman's International website. On that page he claims that "Bananas, Cucumber, Zucchini and more target the size and strength of the male sexual organ." & "Peanuts have a profound effect on the testicles and sexual libido."
The man has also stated that skin cancer doesn't come from being out in the sun, but from "some of the ingredients in sunblock." And that all cancer can be cured by eating "stone fruit". (Stone fruit, by the way, is a fruit with the fruity flesh surrounding a shell that covers the plant's seed. Like a peach, or a mango.)
Mr. Tolman not only wants to cure you of all disease with fruit, but he also wants to sell them to you! In fact, he spent 17 years searching for a biblical miracle food, called the "pulse", that can help you lose weight, gain muscle, get smarter, cure all illness/disease, give you energy, and create world peace. Okay, I added the last one.
He's also hoping that you'll sign up to learn about a new work-at-home business opportunity, selling his products to your friends and neighbors. This sounds a little bit to much like Herbalife to me. Only fronted by an idiot.
And all this started by an e-mail forward...
Seriously? Bananas can increase the size of your "male sex organ"?! Am I going to become a transsexual from eating cucumbers in my salad? If I feed Mr. J too many peanuts, will he start humping my leg? (Well, actually, if I gave him too many peanuts... he'd die. Mr. J's allergic to peanuts.)


Pagan Lizard said...

okay, so this whole thing still has me wondering... if cucumbers and zucchini's can help enhance the male sex organ, and cucumbers and zucchini's get soft when they are put in warm moist places, does this also happen to said male sex organ after having been enhanced by eating said cucumbers and zucchini's?

Suicidal Jane said...

And if you put the male sex organ in the freezer, does it turn black and become perfect for bread making?

Anonymous said...

I have a sincere desire to help people, as i'm sure you do. In this instance, you believe Don Tolman to be an idiot and that he is misleading people. I would just like to say a few things. One part in defense of food and the other in defense of Mr. Tolman. First off, he has researched and studied the body, food and health related subjects for nearly 20 years. Second, he has taught at world renowned universities, John Hopkins to name one. He was welcomed in to teach there because of the lifetime of knowledge he has gained in the relationships between food and health. The knowledge he passes on isn't as superficial as say, " a tomato looks like a heart and has four chambers and is red" and magically so does the heart and it is good for the heart. Or, "a walnut looks just like a brain with a shell as the cranium, and has two hemispheres" and it has been proven to be good for the brain. These things that he has explained are also backed by science. My goal and thought here is to say that I believe that we all desire the same thing here, to help people. After spending much of my life researching food, dis-ease and the likes I find Mr. Tolman to be the most "True" source of knowledge. I can understand how you may disagree, but let me offer a small tidbit of advice for you and Mr. J. I'm guessing he's a dog? Read Pottenger's Cats: A study in Nutrition. That would be a good jump off point if you'd like a basic understanding of how food influences dis-ease, and how to fix Mr. J's allergy. Give this one thing some thought. How do animals in the wild survive that are vegetarians? And, survive without the diseases we find in our cats, dogs and other domesticated animals? Peace

Anonymous said...

Henry David Thoreau most beautifully put it, "One farmer says to me, 'You cannot live on vegetable food soley, for it furnishes nothing to make muscle and bones with;' and so he religiously devotes a part of his day to supplying his system with the flesh and raw materials of animal;Talking all the while he walks behind his oxen, which, with vegetable-made muscle and bones, jerk him and his lumbering plow along in spite of every obstacle."

Suicidal Jane said...

Anonymous, I wasn't trying to say that everything Mr. Tolman says is wrong. But a few things didn't seem to fit right with me. He's studied for nearly 20 years. But where? I honestly tried to find out where, I'm a skeptic, but I'll like to believe. I just want some proof. Yes, tomatoes are good for the heart. But they're also good for the eyes, inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells, and are full of antioxidants. Walnuts are not only a "brain food", but are good for the heart; help relieve the effects of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and a few skin diseases.

My searches for Mr. Tolman's accreditation came up fruitless. That doesn't mean he doesn't have any. It just means I couldn't find it. I'm also a tainted source. I am instantly skeptical about information given to me when it's attached to a sales pitch.

Thanks for commenting. And feel free to do so again, and tell me if you've found something different?

(By the way, Mr. J is not a dog. He's a human. But I will enjoy teasing him about that all weekend. ^_^ )

Anonymous said...

That's wicked funny, Mr. J is a human!!! So has he humped your leg yet? I'll try to make this short, so if it's a bit choppy, sorry. It's understandable that things connected with a sales pitch tend to have a negative force most times. Despite that, I think we can agree that everything that is being sold, regardless of true value (perceived good/bad) has to be marketed in some way. Surely, I also believe some people have an attitude of, the ends justifies the means, or the profit is more important than the product/message. However, not everyone has that deviation in character. I believe that most people are motivated by delusions. That is to say, that people live in a scattered reality created by the media via television, newspapers, etc., and have been fundamentally brain-washed by the indoctrination of our public school system. The fear and confusion has been propagated for centuries, and once in awhile you have someone that speaks universal truths, and their message is thrown into the realm of jibberish or snake-oil salesmen or whack-o...whatever the term may be. This is no fault of anyone in particular, it's just how we have been programmed. Not to go on, but we are at a time when we need to re-program our conscious awareness and come out of our collective haze of unconscious repetitive behaviors that have us wary of nature and somehow embracing "advancement" or "progess" and forwarding economies through inorganic societies that don't focus on human relations. I digress for the moment, but what I'm getting at here (for you) is that i met Don about 15 years ago and there was something about his being/character that resonated with me. Forward to last year, I plugged his name in google and found his book, The Farmacist Desk Reference. To visit the idea of credentials for a second... I guess there are a number of ways to pose this question, but all i can say is I know brilliant people from many places in many fields that aren't accredited, who from my perspective are much more capable in their field than people with degrees. I would probably have quite a few credentials if i were to go to a institutionalized learning environment, but all i have to show for my base of knowledge is study and a few walls of books. I can't really ask a school to credit me for my hours spent at a Border's or Public library : { My idea summed up in as little space as possible is this. I have done much research and spent a good deal of my life enjoying my quest for knowledge and enlightenment, and through my days i have found a number of people that are not only sincere but sincerely genius at what they try to convey. I believe Don Tolman to be the embodiment of lifetimes worth of knowledge and sincerity. I am very passionate about the ideas and knowledge he brings forth, because; to be as forthright as possible, I'm tired of the lies, deceptions, misdirection, disinformation and corruption that fuels a dehumanization of the world, and i think we need to find more people that embrace our oneness. Again, sorry about the scatter-brained thoughts, but I'm sure you'll get the gist of it.
Check him out on Youtube or his websites. Ynoteduk8.com DontolmanInternational.com
also try www.theimaginationacademy.com

also if you haven't read anything by John Taylor Gatto I highly suggest it, try Dumbing Us Down or check out some Bertrand Russell / Walter Russell on Philosophy
Positive Energy Accelerates Constant Elevation Take care

Anonymous said...

This guy is something else. I once MADE money on a penny stock that I found out about from email spam. I kept an eye on the stock for awhile after that and it changed into another company and then another and another. I did a little research and found out that none other than DON TOLMAN was behind it. He was creating these fake companies and claiming his income was coming from these companies. In short it was way to avoid paying taxes on his real income. He was claiming he made 60-75 dollars per week, but yet he was traveling the world living the world.

Sound far fetched?? Here is a link to an article you might find interesting: http://br.us.biz.yahoo.com/e/070814/vbre.ob10qsb.html

Do a find on Tolman and a re-find and keep going. He is referred to as the president/CEO/Head of a bunch of different companies in this one article. Is it starting to look a little fishy?? I once found some kind of court document for this guy claiming tax evasion, but couldn't find it today. Seriously, google this guy and see what dirt you find. Most of the junk you find is him trying to sell you somehthing so you have to weed through it.

I honestly have nothing against this guy, but the truth is that he is more of a scam artist than anything else.

I really didn't spend much time on this but I found out a lot. I guess this was my brush with a scammer.

Detective Jack (not even close)

PAMI said...

Don Tolman stole $5,000.00 from me. he broke the contract we signed 6 years ago. Please don't give him any money you will never see it again. Contact me if you know how to get our money back. He is a thief and a con man and it is not a funny thing to take from the poor to give to the rich.

Anonymous said...

Tax evasion,scammer,thief, money money maker blah blah blah . . . .I would love to hear from anybody else who has actually READ the Farmacist Desk Reference and APPLIED Don's principles of health and nutrition. It seems a little ignorant to discount it's possibility without actually seeing for yourself. The man is here to help you, take advantage of his vast knowledge because he is the embodiment of truth and genius - i'm not kidding, what he shares will allevate your thinking to dizzying heights

pippa in new zealand

Anonymous said...

Read court cases involving Don Tolman:



Anonymous said...

Read court cases involving Don Tolman:



Anonymous said...

Hi, I have actually read the FDR and own a copy it is one of the best encyclopaedia's for natural living i have ever come across. Someone asked about where Don had learnt all his information, he said in the lecture i went to that while looking for "pulse" he was allowed access to alot of museum and private family collections which is where he got a lot of his knowledge and insights from. Thanks.

Huon Urquhart said...

Hi Jane instead of showing everyone what a wonderful skeptic you are by just talking why don't you commit to a whole food diet, the proof will then be at hand, yours! I was a meat lover and had studied about whole foods and now have the real proof from trying it, thats where the proof is. Not on google search. Having faith in yourself is often hard to prove as well.

Anonymous said...

I see alot of idiots saying shit, but no one is actually DOING ANYTHING. What Tolman is saying is nothing new under the sun, and in fact is ancient knowledge that has been supressed by the fascist controllers. I'm applying the knowledge I've learned, so when you little bitches say it's all a "scam" your essentially saying the results I have gotten are imaginary. Do more research then apply and test the knowledge in action rather than just being an armchair wanker.

Anonymous said...

My wife paid $5000 to become a Don Tolman Foundation Member instead of having a mastectomy for her breast cancer (surgery was booked for the following week). Over the last 12 months he has failed to honour any of the benefits of this membership. He has ignored 7 emails from her and failed to return 5 messages left on his telephone message bank (calls fro Australia to the USA). During the time he has ignored her, the untreated breast cancer has metasticised and spread to her spine. He took her money and left her to die !! Our two young teenage children will be motherless thanks to this rogue. He is nothing but a con man.

Anonymous said...

That first great long comment from anonymous reads to me like it's written by Don Tolman himself. Makes just as little sense. If not him, then someone from his academy, very familiar with his work, trying to undo the sceptics.

Just another scam from DT.

Anonymous said...

The distinguished institution that you refer to as a place where Don is meant to have taught is actually Johns Hopkins (not John Hopkins) - commonly misspelt and misquoted by scammers!!! As he has no medical or scientific qualifications whatsoever, it is highly unlikely that one of the world's most venerated medical research institutions would even allow him on the premises!!

Anonymous said...

I think Don Tolman is like a breath of
fresh air the world needs.

Look at the foods our lazy parents feed their children instead of great
foods at the market.

It costs you nothing to listen to him.

People will listen to most doctors who 12 years of study does nothing for them except start their bank account
and keep the drug companies rich.

Its about time people looked after
their own health.

A calm balance is the answer.

Anonymous said...

You are the idiot. Get rid of your stupid website. Ignoramus.

Kathie said...

THANKS to people like Don Tolman, I'm alive & VERY well at 56, as opposed to VERY UNwell, obese, or dead like millions of people, & my mother, who died at 38 (after chemo etc & the advice of 'Western Medicine). Unfortunately she was an ardent follower of our 'Modern' Culture & she did it all .. FAST &or CRAP food, alcohol, cigarettes, valium, & other drugs to fix this & that (THANKYOU DOC!)
If you listen to & TRY his SUGGESTIONS for several months at least, I'd be interested in your opinions thereafter.

ON the Don!! (Must be something in that Name!)

Kathie said...

& to the Gentleman who made the 'FEBRUARY 28, 2010 2:57 AM' Comment, I'm sorry to hear your sad news. Can I suggest you attend Dons next Presentation & confront him personally [Fortune Events]. I'd be surprised if he doesn't address your problems if you chat in person.
I can't imagine why he hasn't answered emails, messages etc., except to say he's NOT a Techo, ie: by his own admission he either can't, or when he does, uses such modern technology SPARINGLY.

NB: Maybe you could refer to Rudolph Breuss's book & work it in with whatever you're doing (which is not working :o( & check Ian Gawlers work.

ALL the BEST to you, your Wife & children. (I was 1 of 3 children in a similar situation. My Mother died TOO young of Brain Cancer).

KIND regards,

Anonymous said...

Don Tolman is a great man. His teachings are from sacred ancient knowledge, not from modern greedy drug and surgery pushers.

Wake up and smell the roses, it will do you a lot of good for the long run.

Sunlight, walking, rest, whole foods, pure water, loving relationships, PASSION

Anyone who calls these things 'scams' will be done away with quite soon through natural selection anyway...

Anonymous said...

I agree Kathie. I have listened to Don Tolman free (didn't need to spend a cent) on 2 separate occassions and no matter how sceptical you are, there is no doubt that if you listen through the entire presentation, you must come out thinking differently and questioning our modern living.

Mr Feb. 28th, 2010 didn't mention if his wife actually changed her lifestyle and eating habits to accommodation Don's teachings to rid her of cancer.

Don is extremely approachable and very genuine and passionate. His is readily giving of his time for individuals in urgent need. A truely caring man with integrity

Anonymous said...

well, the little piece of information i would like to put on this site is that people like to judge. from what ive heard and from personally being to his free 2hour speech he is a nice guy who is just trying to convey a message alone. people shoot him down because he is the only one that says these things. Do you know what is in all the pills that are perscribed to you? you could look at some food and you have no idea what you are eating but you eat it because it tastes nice or the doctors say it'll make you better. do some research. All don is trying to do is give us back abit of knowledge, we hear the medical side of things but we dont hear what Don has to say. it is very rare to come across someone such as Don because of all the knowledge he has come across and this knowledge he is willing to give us. Maybe you may not understand everything that he says or believe it but thats your choice, you have a right to your own opinion but would you voice it infront of the person your refering to? if you actually put in as much hard work and effort as he has maybe you would understand what hes talking about. dont comment on something when you dont even really know what your saying.

Anonymous said...

Propaganda is broken through cynicism. Don't discount it. People being brainwashed through Tolman's scheme should do some research OUTSIDE of the FDR - many "facts" are entirely false, and those which aren't are common sense. I think I understand though, it's like gambling addiction- you've "invested" (read wasted) so much that it's hard to stop thinking you're right or have somehow won. I understand you can respect someone for their ideas, but making him some sort of prophetic leader sounds wrong, almost cultist. Time to wake up now, just listen to you defend him, not just his ideas. If you have a brain you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Oh and @july04, of course he's nice and "only conveying a message" - ever heard of foot in the door technique? Sounds like it worked too... [/rant]

Anonymous said...

You know what they say, any press is good press.. I actually saw Don about 2 weeks ago at a 2 hour presentation he gave in Midvale, Utah. He's quite a character. Does a pretty good Jim Carey immitation, or maybe Jim Carey does him.. Anyway, he inspired me to stop taking all the prescription medication I was on. I did, and have noticed a few of my symptoms are going away after just a week. You can rant all you want, but if you really give the guy a listen, I think you'll be impressed. Don't take my word for it, just go on youtube and look him up. He comes off as a bit odd, but he has some interesting things to say. Want to hear one of the great cures I discovered? If you get a cold sore on your lip, stick your finger in your ear, get some earwax, and put it on the cold sore. Do this at night, and you will find that your cold sore is gone by morning (or soon thereafter). Kinda gross, but way better than waiting a week or two for the dang thing to go away.. Anyway, I'm a big Don Tolman fan !!! Talk smack all you want, but the guy makes some great sense. Just check him out on youtube and see for yourself.

Deon said...

I know all about Don Tolman. I've lived with him. I've camped with him, at one time called him a brother. Hell, he screwed both my sisters. All the while he selling his fancy foods he's getting up in the morning and drinking cheap beer for breakfast. Even now. I have this on the highest authority. He IS a scammer, he sells promises and then sneaks away in the dark of night. He's bought land and cars with other people's money. He's lied about his Bible Pulse, which is easy to check because there were NO cashews available to the people in the Bible...
His ideas on Cancer sure as hell didn't save my brother, even though he was approached directly. Anybody who says he's a freaking genius most likely has his hands in the same till. He got his education simply by reading books. The same books you and I could check out of the local Library. He flip-flops on Christian beliefs and has had as many as three wives at the same time and possibly as many as five. He is not to be trusted. I'm not saying all his info is wrong, but it's NOT original and he does not speak to spirits and angels as he's claimed. My advice is too run as fast as you can in the opposite direction if you see this criminal coming your way Deon Allen

Anonymous said...

you want proof? proof of where a person has studied anmd proof that whole foods don't work.

who needs proof?

take a look at the world around you.

living the dream of take away convenience should be proof enough... IT DOES NOT WORK!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to find this post. Reluctantly been in awe of his vids the last couple weeks. When I came across the one where he offers the e-commerce website, heart sank a little. Still can't help, but be impressed with the guy. After reading the comments, he totally reminds me of the lead character in an old movie called Elmer Ganty. It's about a revival preacher in the 1920's. If you haven't seen it, worth the watch. That said, he ever comes to my town (or I'm in his) would love to meet this guy in person.

Kathie said...

I don't understand why your 'heart sank a little' when you 'came across the one where he offers the e-commerce website'

A man's gotta eat! & maintain his home! & Don travels constantly, trying desperately to COUNTERACT the BS that's out there about disease, 'food', health, illness & cures.

It costs a LOT of $s to maintain a GOOD HEALTHY Lifestyle now, & keep the Public educated! Organic food is more expensive than non-organic for a start! ETC.

It costs MEGA$s to print BEAUTIFUL Encyclopaedias about Health, REAL foods, & everything that's good for you, & REAL about Life.

You know, there are so many Companies/people spending BILLIONS promoting NOT-good for you foods etc.

I don't blame you for 'being impressed with the guy' He is quite passionate about a subject that's all but buried by BS Food, Health & Lifestyle advertising, in movies, etc.

He's a great squeaky wheel, which costs $s to maintain. We need more of him so he can squeak LOUDER!

& I'll be next :o)

Cheer, & Good Health

PS: Thanks, I'll check out 'Elmer Ganty'. Sounds interesting.

& yes DO go see him, & meet him in person. He's gutsy, very interesting & very approachable.

Anonymous said...

If one can truly cure severe illness that traditional medicine has difficulty with, then one does not have to spruke or market that skill. Word of mouth will bring people clamoring to ones front door, no marketing necessary!

Anonymous said...

I am saddened to hear all these comments about Tolman being spam.

I am 15 years old and was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13, and was told it was too late and i wouldn't survive past three months. mum took me to many doctors and they all said the same thing. We came across Don Tolman, and he save my life through a diet of juice fasting and fruit and vegetables. I have lived two years past my expiery date, no thanks to meat, drugs or doctors. i am now fully vegetarian and have lost excess weight, i feel healthier and i can say that having no meat has a part to deal with it. society has been led to believe a lie that you cannot get sufficient protein without meat, yet here i am, strong, fit and healthy at last through a vegetarian diet.
Tell me that Don Tolman is a scam, and I will tell you i wouldn't be alive today with out him.

Jeremy Britton said...

Don Tolman sells fruit and veges? Drug companies give us fake "remedies" that are fake copies of natural ingredients ("natural" means they occur in nature, and yes, viagra is made from peanuts, and aspirin from willow bark and so on). There is far more money in keeping people ignorant and dependent on drug companies than there is in telling the truth: "Let food be your medicine" as Hippocrates said. Many people take vitamins or drugs as if they are food... Don Tolman is a genius, as was Socrates, Da Vinci & others. He will be persecuted for his truths as the other wise men were, but his truths will remain for 1000 years.
Read his book & try it out, going vegetarian & fasting will save your life.

Anonymous said...

My name is Roscoe
Anyhow he may have financial and money making intentions BUT the information that he offer reads and stands on its own. To people that say that he might be jumping on forums and promoting himself...then give the same possibilities to Phamo companies and what not to slander him. The big difference is that we have a face, a name and a person to slander and be skeptical about "Don Tolman". In the case of The pharmaceutical companies...well we say "they" and there is less pointing at a specific person for credibility. Plus alot of science might be funded by companies who want o make money of people or sickness. Its all in the realm of possibility. Just sayin. Measure all possible parties with the same ruler to be fair.

Anonymous said...

My name is Andrew Bell
I am quite happy to put my name on my comments, I am skeptical of claims wether they are from Don Tolman or from a university (incidentially who funds the research for most unis, certainly very little comes from unbiased sources so you can have all the diplomas, degrees etc you like it still dosen't 100% validate it, as someone somewhere has a vested interest in the results)

I have no doubt Mr Tolman has a bit of colour to his character, their is plenty of dirt you will find on many folks if you dig deep enough, we are not infallible and it does not take away from what you prove for yourself by trying his ideas I don't need to have 10 years of research done to prove to me that a few apples, carrots, beetroot and lemon have altered my bodily functions to the point I now have control of gout.

My own experience and thats all I can go by is that by giving some of the advice on whole foods a go, I have controlled my chronic gout condition (toes,ankle,both Knees,both wrists, fingers even my damn nose and ears) something NO Doctor could do except to put me on a lifetime of kidney and liver damaging drugs (I'm only 47).

My wife had high blood pressure and high cholestrol and was doomed to a lifetime of pills also as diagnosed by a qualified and diplomed well meaning MD, but by taking a simple food "grapefruit" -which incidentally the drug company specifically says on their product not to take (I wonder why?- could it be that they will be caught out in their own "Medically proven, double blind (sided?) studied and validated scam" )however after taking the advice of Mr Tolman and cross checking our own research on the subject (that includes looking up studies by university's) My wife is off the pills and enjoying low blood presure and cholestrol, Look I don't just take someones word for things without doing my own research regardless of who it is, again even double blind studies and constant proving does not provide 100% uncontrovertable proof that something is true or proven beyond doubt, there are too many viables including our gaining new knowledge that overturns previously held truths how many times have drugs been brought onto the market and dispensed by well meaning Doctors and Health professionals who we all like to beleive because they have a nice looking peice of paper on the wall from some prestigous university, just to dicover in the fullness of TIME that their product was not as beneficial as their studies and tests originally showed.

I don't beleive hook line and sinker every word Mr Tolman says ,but for me we have had success in dealing with some long term issue's we have had, I am perfectly happy to talk to others who have gout if they would like, my e-mail is tothebells@bigpond.com but always remember folks "different strokes for different folks" none of us are exactly alike and as far as Mr Tolmans books go there is enough free stuff on the web of his to try before you buy, I did and it cost me diddly squat except my time and common sense, however i have since brought the book and will buy more for my Adult children with the proviso to do there own research as well and always keep an open mind.

If Mr Tolman is making good money from different products then good on him, I guareentee your GP is making a pretty packet off you and 80% of the time he is just consulting with you for 15 mins and giving you a white bottle of the latest and greatest pills, you tell me which one is the scam

Anonymous said...

just a follow on to the above rant, ran out of my alloted words allowable, here is a break down of costs for my gout compared to the cost of the book

Mr Tolmans Book $220.00 plus handling 29.95

cost of gout Treatment the conventional way

med cert for days off work in one year

3 visits @ 80.00 to get the same perscrition total $240

perscription drugs Colchcine, Allopurinol, or some other we'll try this crap cause it's a new one (by the way I am not overweight,thought I was doing the right diet and excercised regularly) $70.00

Medicare claim less $60.00

Total $250 just for me for 1 year not including lost opprotunity wages extra time have had gout for 10 years

so was the book cost effective, for me you bet

Anonymous said...

You sound like nothing more than a Hater to me. Are you physically fit yourself? How healthy do you eat? Do you smoke? Do you drink? Do you exercise? Do you have a College Degree? Have you studied Biology? Have you researched the foods your talking about? Have you researched what nutrients these foods provide for the body and how the body benefits or does not benefit from them? Please post some information to support your claims. Other wise your just an ignorant Hater. Please post a picture of yourself, I would be curious to see how physically fit you are, not that I will ever waste my time coming back to your blog.

Anonymous said...

You cannot persecute someone for opening up a discussion. There are always (at least) two sides to every story and there is nothing wrong with being presented with different points of view. On Don Tolman, I have recently stumbled across his FDR which sparked great intrigue and curiosity. For me, it just makes sense. I did some research on the guy and have had mixed feelings, mainly on his "gimmicky" image/character, (Indianna Jones of medicine)? Sites like this are great because it allows you to see things from all points of view. I had hoped that there weren't so many sceptics, and I agree with the comment about word of mouth being the only neccessary marketing tool of true genius. But like the guy or not, there is no denying the wisdom contained in this book. Let your intuition guide you, take what you will and leave what you don't.... there are worse things you could do for your health (and your bank account!)

Lightsource said...

FYI Don had studied to become a neuro-surgeon but soon became grossly disillusioned with the politics and authoritive nature of the medical system. In the years that have followed, Don has been on a mission to reveal what he calls the "nuggets of truth and wisdom" from the past that are just as relevant today as they ever have been.
This is not someone that randomly puts out information for fun.... if you listen and take heed, you will be all the better for it

Anonymous said...

Wow, let me just say I have listened to a lot of Don's youtube clips and a lot of the comments I am reading here are direct quotes, not bad for unbiased third party folks. I was buying his line which by the way I have heard before from plenty of other raw foodies but have a lot of issues with where he got his information and from who. Sure he has some nuggets of true but beware of wolves in sheeps clothing, that goofiness is part of his act to disarm you.

Anonymous said...

Let me first say in 2006 I "had a grade one breast cancer", found an alternative dr and changed my diet to vegetarian, no whites, no sugar, flour, milk products, rice, no pork, red meat, took certain herbs to clean the blood, chinese herbs, beta glucan D3 to boost the immune system and did other things and 8 months later mammo was fine....during that time I also had my teeth worked on because of all the mercury and root canals and nickel bridge I had... your teeth flow thru every organ in your body...and I am well today unless I start eating junk and prcessed foods then I start to feel like crap again...this guy is just learning things that my alternative dr's have known for a very long time... Bernard Jensen and John R Christopher to name a just a few... our food is killing us ...thanks so much...

Anonymous said...

This carrot article is mine. I wrote it for my facebook page with the pic of the cut carrot. What's all the fuss about? Truth is truth. I then did a google search myself and found many others are using it, copied, and changed it a little. All I can GREAT! The word is getting out there about the healing power of wholefoods.
As for Don Tolman, I don't know about the facts of his past but I do know this man has volumes of wisdom when it comes to the healing powers of wholefoods. He has been attacked left right and centre...would love to see this kind of energy put into Big Pharma who literally get away with killing thousands of people with their drugs, fudged studies and sometimes no studies at all.
I don't care about credentials! Doctors have "credentials" but much of what they are taught is damaging to the human frame. Just because someone has credentials does not mean they are correct.
I choose to learn from others like Hippocrates who taught "let medicine be thy food, let food be thy medicine"...I am an observer, learning about what is working and what is not without cruel animal testing. There are cultures today who live long disease free lives and in ages past...I choose to learn from them.

Anonymous said...

Don Tolman is an inspiration to the lost modern world.

Anonymous said...

healthy diet, lifestyle change, meditation, can all asssist toward curing incureable dis-eases but there quite likely emotional/mental isssues to deal with as well. And if its our time to go then thats part of our life plan. We take out a contract prior to birth to work thru issues for spiritual advancement for self and all concerned, so there is a greater picture to life than just diet. Research a little wider eg Carolyn Myss, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, to name a few :-)

Anonymous said...

It costs NOTHING to make your message heard, dumbass. I' m doing it now........FOR FREE!!!!
Hang on.. No it's not.. Gimme money!

Anonymous said...

I have read most of these comments, and I think that some of the negative comments - well could they be real or could they be written by reps of pharma companies who want to soil his name? They have interests in doing so obviously, he is going to discredit them! Ever watched First Do No Harm? After years of battling doctors, finally it made sense and Don's free talk I went to has helped me understand the rest.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it possible the comments soiling his name are by pharma company reps? His work will be a huge threat to them!

Kaye From Australia said...

What real & what's not real?
Grow that brain further intellectuals ( coming from one)
Kaye. Giles xx ( love & future health to you all )

Jaan Jerabek said...

Hi there all,

It is a shame that all comments have to be approved by the blog author...no transperancy. ( mispelt maybe).

The truth is, people are cynical, critical, untrusting and all too ready to make others wrong...the more negative emotional shit you sit on, the greater these negative traits will stand out... just look at the title of your blog my dear princess...'Suicidal Jane' wow... how wonderfully gothically, romantically, dramatically, deep and profound your perception on life must be! Deal with your emotional baggage that causes you to make people wrong and filter life/ people through negative energies called your childhood pain, that stops you from growing up and seeing people who try and make a real difference in the world ask to be paid a bit of money to keep things going, such as airfares, hotel rooms, nourishing food, products to spread information...have you ever tried writing a book that has the same level of content as Don Tolmans encyclopedias? I reckon it was a few years of full time effort just for the 2 volumes themselves,,,he needs money to live and eat and pay rent/ mortgage during those times...what is wrong with someone making money again? Maybe you are so evolved that you have 'relinquished your attachment to maoney' must be soooo spiritual and evolved then....mmmmm.....arm chair wanker is wehat someone else mentioned. That's all I see. A girl stuck in her pain of not recieving mummy and daddys love, sitting at home, making other people wrong...Rage and Anger comes out on a mental level in the form of making people wrong...a small angry girl child is all I see, indulging in mental masturbation and not actually in action in the world making a real difference to the community...Love is an action, a doing word...If you were so eviolved/ enlightened, you would be doing actions in the world for the good of the world my dear...

If you had any ovaries ( female version of balls/ spine/ courage ) you would let this be printed fully without censoring anything!

CurshDude said...

I know for a fact that The guy's information is all true. And people should follow it. But I reccomend that you do NOT support his company. It's actually hypocritical to expose the corporations, while starting one yourself. And you don't sell packaged foods while taunting a whole food lifestyle. Also, going around pretending to be a cowboy and creating a persona around it is a sign of evil.

Anonymous said...

Wow ... to think all this started from a blog about bananas and avocadoes! God/ess bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Wow .... use common sense people ....what happened to good old fashioned logic ...... probably too much junk food has killed brain cells .... I have had the good fortune of going to one of Don Tolmans FREE ...yes thats right FREE 2 hour seminars and was amused by some of the shocked and horrified faces when they were told that living a diet of junk food then running to the doctors for chemicals to fix it just doesnt make sense ....slathering yourself in a chemical that allows you to stay in the sun much longer than your natural body would allow ...does that really make sense??? .... you dont need a diploma ....just common sense Big Pharma companies have the masses totally brainwashed ....WAKE UP!!!!!

Ramon's 2 cent a said...

Thank u jane, for being a critic & staying true to that. For those fanatic individuals & conspiracy nuts, who have posted on here, you sound cultish (especially the ones who can't spell; got comment rage??? Or what??). Your doing no justice to Tolman you sound brain washed. I skimmed over all comments and those with credibility where not hyper endorsing anything and frankly they stated the obvious (noted as commonsense) that Tolman maybe considered knowledgeable, BECAUSE he is regurgitating ancient knowledge yes but far from a secret. He has taken information from cultures and ppl who give it for free packaged it up and made money. That's it and most of the ppl that find him so amazing are basically not versed in holistics. Holistic/ Raw & Whole foods/ Auyvedic/Edgar Casey Remedies have been around for decades & some for centuries. If you need it neatly put in a book for over $200 dollars to get healthy good for you, for the rest there are hundreds of books that cover this same knowledge (Free @ the library) or see a good homeopathic doctor for help. But stop the personal attacks on a critic they stimulate questions and if an idea can not stand up to inquiry it is best forgotten.
P.S Regarding Gerabek comments; you were by far the most desturbing comment, I think u need to take a writing class and get treatment for your rage because it's profound and no one needs to know what ur thinking that's why they "censor" you. I was deeply offended as a wan & an intellectual. Ppl just eat simply be happy enjoy the smell of the roses.

Michael said...

I knew Don personally in 1980-88. He is a complete sham. He claimed to be the new Prophet who was going to reorder the Mormon Church. He wrote a book that was a horrible attempt at plagiarizing Essene manuscripts. He cheated on his wife with his next door neighbor Judy Rey, whom he convinced to join him in a polygamist relationship in Arizona. She left her three daughters to move to Arizona but then became disillusioned with Don when he cheated on promises he made to her about not having sex with other women unless they were in the 'family'. She moved back to Wenatchee, Washington (the town her kids lived in with their father Mike). He tracked her down and convinced her to come back to Scottsdale Arizona in 1981 where he lived with to other 'spiritual wives'. He put his three wives on a diet of walnuts and water and didn't let them sleep. The last time I saw Judy was in Scottsdale in 1982. I tried to show her that this man was a phoney ... but she had relapsed into another bout with leukemia and she felt powerless to leave him. Then later, my wife told me that Don had to move to Australia to avoid being arrested for molesting Judy's daughters when they came to visit her. My wife tried to help Judy but she died. Don fled to Australia before he could be arrested and now the statue of limitations has expired and he comes back to the United States to give lectures to ladies groups in the same Mormon church that excommunicated him for being a false prophet. He had supported himself and his wives with the pyramid schemes that have already been mentioned above. After he moved to Australia he remained a polygamist for a while, but it drew too much negative attention and cramped his marketing so he became a serial polygamous. He uses polygamy as a way to swindle women into having sex with him. I debated Tolman on several occasions about his "prophet status", but it was useless to try to reason with him. He argues in circles with subjective platitudes that he copies from others who has read about in books. He never studied at college or in the neurosciences of any kind. He embellishes the things he reads form others and puts on his entertaining spin for those who think he is an original because they have not studied either. Study healthy eating for yourself and stop spending money on a cowboy clown who entertains you in his little rodeo of illusions. He couldn't save Judy from leukemia and he can't save you. You have to save yourself through your own study of many authorities with true credits - not a charlatan and unrighteous polygamist like Tolman. I never invested in his schemes so I never lost any money like the others. I just wish he hadn't molested those three little girls.

Anonymous said...

Don Tolman is a scammer, no doubt.

His 'proof' that cancer is a money making enterprise is that in 1908, only 1 in 8 people were diagnosed with cancer, while today it is 1 in 3.

In 1908, life expectancy in the US hovered around 50 (see: http://goo.gl/Vs66XQ). Life expectancy today is in the 80s.

Higher numbers of people +60 yrs old means higher cancer rates (see: http://goo.gl/5UNfak), which isn't surprising, given that most cancers result from an accumulation of genetic damage.

Annieloss said...

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Annieloss said...

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Peita Wakelin said...

Why would you pay for dons knowledge he has accumulated the past 50 years. Not many professions give away free info. Don does, then if you want to know more, you pay. Fair enough. If your profession was as a beauty therapist, would you give away free facials just because it's important that people have it?

Anonymous said...

Dr Lamp is a scammer: the story about 'Janet' above is a lie - written by, you guessed it, 'Dr' Lamp himself.

Dr Lamp introduces himself on this page:

You'll notice the style of language used is identical to that used by Annieloss in the post above.

Truly disgusting behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Ripped off!!!

I went to Don's free talk, which was free to convince all to sign up to his 3 day seminar $3000, where we would learn more. Instead, we got videos, infomercials, replays of 60mins, cooking demos, and a half a day of his son's trying to sell us to the next seminar. Its clear to me that Don has accumulated a whole lot of knowledge over time, however it is also clear that this empire will be handed over to his son Tyler who is clearly not in it for the right reasons, he is all about the money for him, not the health. Its a shame, i feel ripped off and I also feel that I got more out of the free 2 hour session than the 3 day session, which was all about selling us more stuff. I am very disappointed that we did not get more of Don. Then....on the last day he did tell us about his dream, this place he wants to build in the US, where polygamy can exist, in his perfect little world.... he lost me there. I want my money back!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - quick post for anyone that sees this. Would you be willing to contact me with your story about how they have hurt you/lied to you/stolen/etc.? (or make public/tell authorities)

A lot of people in Australia know now about the multiple stat-rape charges/convictions Don has against him, and want he and Tyler unable to come into the country.