Friday, May 16, 2008

Monkey Lord's Lover

What follows below are actually from February. Monkey lord, my little brother, had turned 18, and I needed to make him a birthday present to celebrate his entry into adulthood.

I had been wondering about my brother's sexual orientation for years. Was Monkey Lord straight, was he gay? Which was it?! When suddenly, it came to me. He's asexual. Armed with this information, I told him that if he disappeared into the woods and six months later came back with a very hairy baby, I would know he had finally reproduced. I would be happy for him.

He responded that if he came back with a baby, it would be because he had mated with a bear.

So, for his birthday, I made him this.

I blocked out the brand of the bear, for fear of being sued.

Notice it's named "Bedtime Bear."

Took some scissors to it's seam...

Had to take out some stuffing...

Lots of stuffing...

To make room for this!

It's so weird looking.

Some pushing and shoving, and viola!

Of course we had to play with it before giving it to my brother.

The ears make great handles.

Happy Birthday Chris!


Pagan Lizard said...

*sigh* i had hoped that this wouldn't make it's way to this blog... it's just so odd and wrong and... yeah.

Suicidal Jane said...

So far, I haven't found a low I won't hit. heh heh.