Sunday, May 18, 2008

Evil Kittens

These are two of my cats.

Some have personalities that mimic famous royals and dictators in history. Perhaps your cat has a sense of humor similar to Napoleon. Or your little kitten occasionally looks at you in a way to suggest “Let them eat cake.” My two cats remind me of a different type of leader. To mark their names in history, they are single-handily wiping the entire species of catnip mouse off the face of the earth.

Vixen has even created a camp under the couch to store them when she’s not ripping them limb from limb. Mr. J and I have tried to rescue them. Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot, I mean Vixen and Eve, just herd them back under there. I’ve told them I won’t give them any more kitty treats until the genocide stops.

1 comment:

Pagan Lizard said...

oh the horror!!! how evil those kitties must be. i thought they were so nice when i met them. but, people say that jeffery dahmer was very nice and charming......

watch the freezers.