Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuna Machine

A few years ago, in an impromptu food fight with my little brother, a can of tuna got dumped onto our computer keyboard. For those of you unfamiliar with the contents in a tuna can, you have tuna, and then a liquid keeping the fish from drying out. As I'm sure you know, liquid and computers, specifically computer keyboards, do not mix. My computer was only six months old, and still fell under a wonderful warranty. So, my father drove my little brother and me (I couldn't drive yet, legally anyway) to the computer store where we handed over warranty paperwork to a young man behind an important looking counter. He typed something into the computer that he had, it spat a few things out of a printer that was also behind that pompous counter. He then asked us for the now broken keyboard. (Yes, we had it with us. Ha! You thought you knew where I was going with this, but you were wrong!) My father amicably handed it over with a slight nod. The computer store employee took it, typed a few more things into his working keyboard. This is about the time where he stopped making direct eye contact with any of us. He would look in our direction occasionally, but it was much more like he was looking through us, rather than at us. His nostrils flared slightly too. Magically, he pulled an exact copy of my keyboard out from under his luminous counter. It was in a nice new box and everything. The three of us, my father, brother and me, then started our short journey home. All the while wondering why the computer store employee never asked why the computer smelled of fish. I guess he figured there are just some questions you don't want answers to.


Resource Infinity said...

There is something fishy about your entire blog; You are insane - I think I love you.


Pagan Lizard said...

LMAO. that's totally funny. today sucked not having you there. i did my phone intervews today... yay?

Suicidal Jane said...

No Lizard, I'm insane, did you not read the first comment? Sheesh.

Thanks Chazz, I think I love me too. (But I'm still not entirely sure. I'm pending my definitive answer until I see how I get along with the in-laws.)