Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Fourteen

There's a crazy game running rampant on the Internet. It's a game very similar to one I just played. But since I've been tagged by three people now, I'm breaking down and playing it too. I'm told to post 25 "random" things about me. But to add suspense, I'm posting one thing a day. I see you shiver in antici...........................................pation

14. I love, love, LOVE taking pictures with my digital camera. Unfortunately, all of my local friends are very camera shy. I resort to taking pictures of myself, my legs, my feet and my toys. I take a lot of pictures of the city, but I still haven't managed to capture how pretty Albuquerque can be. I will figure it out someday though!


Pagan Lizard said...

don't you dare forget about the adventures with the underwater camera and the sopapilla vs. underwater camera

Suicidal Jane said...

I remember being shocked that the sopapilla didn't do better.