Sunday, April 27, 2008

Experiment #2 : Underwater Camera vs. Sopapilla

Underwater Camera dry

The camera in water, it floats!

Sopapilla dry

The sopapilla in water, it also floats!

It’s not really an underwater camera unless it’s under the water’s surface.

The underwater camera turns on under the water. The sopapilla does not.

The camera takes pictures when completely submerged. The sopapilla does not.

When taken out of the water, the underwater camera is still in pristine shape.

The sopapilla is not. It’s soggy and gross. (Mr. J said it didn’t taste as good as the camera either.)

The winner: The Underwater Camera!!

Here’s the picture taken with the underwater camera:


Pagan Lizard said...

hmm... from the start i was rooting for the sopapilla. it's a major upset, i thought for sure that the sopapilla would have turned on under water...

Anonymous said...

The camera made my tummy feel warm and happy, where as the sopapilla gave me the runs.