Friday, February 20, 2009

Day Ten

There's a crazy game running rampant on the Internet. It's a game very similar to one I just played. But since I've been tagged by three people now, I'm breaking down and playing it too. I'm told to post 25 "random" things about me. But to add suspense, I'm posting one thing a day. I see you shiver in antici...........................................pation

10. I am half a set of twins. No we're not identical. My twin brother are always asked the same questions when people find out we're twins. "Are you identical? How come you don't have rhyming names?" The answers are always the same, "No, we're not identical you moron. He's a boy, I'm a girl. Are you asking if I'm a hermaphrodite? Fuck off you prick. We don't have rhyming names, because my parents actually liked us. Go ahead, tell me about how you'd had a boy and girl set of twins you'd name them Romeo and Juliet, you perv." As you can tell, I'm really sick of these questions.

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Pagan Lizard said...

why am i remembering a story about "luke and laura"... OH YEAH! that woman who told your mom that she should have named you guys that... LMAO... people who name their kids strange names should be slapped. ex... apple, bronx mowgli, tripp, trig...

come on people!! these are future columbine-ists in the making!