Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day One

There's a crazy game running rampant on the Internet. It's a game very similar to one I just played. But since I've been tagged by three people now, I'm breaking down and playing it too. I'm told to post 25 "random" things about me. But to add suspense, I'm posting one thing a day. I see you shiver in antici...........................................pation

1. Lasagna is my food nemesis. I am an extremely picky eater. I'm won't eat most sauces, condiments, fungus (mushrooms), cheese or lasagna. My birth father once force fed me a large piece of lasagna and told me if I didn't the whole thing I would be grounded for the rest of the weekend. I was 3. I didn't eat the whole thing, and am now scarred for life. When faced with eating it or starving to death, I choose death. Once upon a time, my then-boyfriend's mother invited me over to dinner to meet me. I'd only been on a few dates with her son, and none of those dates were at restaurants. When I got there, she had made lasagna. I lied and told her I was a vegetarian, so I wouldn't have to eat her cheesy, meaty & tomato-y concoction. To keep up the lie, I couldn't eat meat in front of my then-boyfriend for our entire relationship. We only lasted two months.

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a smiley face said...

Awesome & entertaining, as per.
I'm so glad you're doing the "25 things" thing. I was really looking forward to reading your list and now I have something to look forward to daily. Please keep it up!