Sunday, February 1, 2009

Too sick to write something new...

Just this morning I was reading blogs, and silently cursing when my favorite bloggers hadn't written anything new. That's when I realized it'd been over a week since I'd written anything. Hypocrisy is awesome, isn't it?

Sorry, I've been busy being sick. So here's a "Best of" from blog I had a long time ago, when I worked at a popular toy store:

A few weeks ago, maybe even a month ago, a woman came into the store looking for clothes for a baby doll. Turns out that the clothes weren't really for a baby doll, but for baby that had died before being born. Honestly, whenever I hear about something like this, I feel horrible, I am human after all. And unfortunately I help people look for clothes for this purpose at least twice a month. Depressing, huh? Anyway... continuing with the text, The woman I was helping wasn't the mother, just a close friend. And while we're looking through all the outfits she's telling me all about the situation. The mother is (or was?) pregnant with twin girls. And one of them was still fine in the mom's belly waiting to be delivered in a few weeks.

The girls were identical and had already been named. (Now, how they knew which one had died and which one hadn't is beyond me, but whatever.) One was going to be named Desiree and the other Destiny. Destiny was apparently the one that had died.

And I swear to God, I actually said this aloud. "Huh, that's kinda ironic."

I'm going to hell.

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