Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

Every Wednesday, at least every Wednesday with new episodes, I hole up in my bedroom, with the tiny TV on the dresser and watch America's Next Top Model. It's not very well written, because it's a cheesy reality show. And the host often talks in a weird accent, because after 11 seasons she's bored. Yet every Wednesday, I watch.

I love this weekly ritual. For an hour I get to look at pretty girls binge eat, cry, curse and throw things at each other. But recently, something has been sneaking into my ritual. Not just something but someone.

The local religious channel's audio has been bleeding into my catty girl bitch fest.

America's Next Top Model? Jesus.

*By reading this, you consent to spending eternity in hell in the afterlife. Have a nice day!


a smiley face said...

Who hosts ANTM over there? Here it's Heidi Klum.
And I want to know more about your new obsession. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one with quirky obsessions!
p.s. No probs about the hell disclaimer. I'd prefer to be amongst my own kind in the afterlife. Going to a place full of good Christians would be hell for me :)

Suicidal Jane said...

Tyra Banks host ANTM here. She's started wearing dramatic costumes to match her strange accents. She's either bored, or going senile. Either way it's good tv. ^_^

a smiley face said...

tee hee! must look on YouTube for some clips. Sounds like good watchin'!!

Mr. J said...

So glad you watch them by yourself. I would join you but I already know I am going to hell so why suffer through ANTM to get there. LOL