Friday, October 24, 2008

When does the cramping go away?

You may have been wondering, where the heck is Jane?* And instead of answering your question in a straightforward manner, I'm going to give you a little PSA.

Ladies, every 12 months, you need to get a pap smear. Sure it's embarrassing, and uncomfortable. You never know if you should shave your legs and ask them to buy you a drink first.** But you know what's worse? Having a doctor rip out a chunk of your cervix, so they can biopsy it to see if you have cervical cancer or not. Get the test done.***

* I imagine you'd use "heck" instead of "fuck". Since kid-friendly swear words are cooler than actual swear words nowadays.

** I usually show up at the doctor's office drunk. Saves time.

*** If you're still wondering whether to shave or not. Just wear some super cute knee high socks. That way you're still looking cute, and your feet won't get cold on the stirrups.

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