Thursday, October 9, 2008

Letters to a Marine - 2

While my twin brother is away at Marine boot camp, I'll be writing him weekly letters. Because I share everything with you, I'll also post them on my blog. Enjoy!


I figure that part of the boot camp experience is isolating you from the outside world. Which means you're missing some fantastic pop culture events. Milestones we'll be in awe of for years. Or at least a few weeks. And since I feel it's unfair for you to miss it, allow me to fill you in.

Miley Cyrus, the famous tween actress you plays Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show of the same name (also, she's the daughter of singer/song writer Billy Ray Cyrus, who sang/wrote "Achy Break-y Heart") has been trying to make her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas (of the famous tween pop band "The Jonas Brothers") jealous, by sending naked pictures of herself to Senator, and president hopeful, Barrack Obama. Nick, to prove that he's not jealous, has begun his own campaign for the presidency. Fortunately, Nick's strongest followers aren't old enough to vote.

Senator Obama's wife, Michelle, has released a statement that she and her husband are closer than ever, and that her husband and Miley are just friends.

Paula Abdul also released a statement that she and Senator Obama are just friends, but no one was there to receive it, as no one cares about Paula and her drunken ravings.

I think that's about all you've missed this week. All of it 100% awesomely true.

Love and miss you,
Suicidal Jane

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a smiley face said...

You're such a good sister. That's awesome. I never knew you had a twin.
Wonder what it's like to be close to one's siblings. I speak to my sister on the phone about once a year :(