Sunday, October 12, 2008

Smiley-faced terrorists

This is actually a post from a blog years ago, head cold has made me uncreative. So here you go.

I am against Walmart and biological warfare.

Be patient, I'm going somewhere with this.

A few days ago, I was shopping at Target (remember, Walmart = bad.). And I was waiting in line, when the vent above me started pumping out something that wasn't clean, healthy air. Within seconds, everyone, including myself, was coughing, hacking, rubbing their eyes and complaining that it felt like shards of glass were cutting their throats. People quickly fled the scene, leaving behind their items... unpurchased... and running to...

That's right. Walmart. Sources tell me that associates from Walmart were seen on the roof of Target, dumping, what appeared to be asbestos, into the ventilation system. If I ever see a blue vest boarding an airplane, I'm moving to Canada.

Walmart Update: I tried to post this several days ago, but each time, my computer would freeze and kick me offline, leaving this unposted. It's as if something, or some-MART had hacked into my computer and was preventing me from posting this. Luckily, I'm not on my computer..... oh no.... what's that sound? .... OH MY GOD! THE DOOR!!! IT'S TOO LATE FOR ME, SAVE YOURSELF!

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a smiley face said...

LMFAO!!!! Oh dear GOD! I've just reverted to using computer slang!

I NEVER use computer slang. Those WALMART BASTARDS!! :)))