Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don Tolman can cure cancer with Apricot Seeds!

Because I haven't said it enough this year.... Don Tolman is an idiot. He wants me to believe that cancer is a myth, a disease created by the pharmaceutical companies, and the charities "profiting" from cancer research?

For the record Mr. Tolman, I have never heard anyone claiming to have "cure" for cancer, except for you. Everyone else has new treatments. Treatments are not a cure, they ease some of the symptoms of cancer and maybe prolong cancer victim's life span. The treatments are not a guarantee, they contain risks. No doctor will claim otherwise.

Don Tolman says he has a cure. Which he will be glad to sell to you. Because, after all, why should the cancer charities get all the money?


Mr. J said...

This SOB makes me sick. If he knows so much and knows the cure then why not cure everyone.

Leonie said...

oh please! This guy is trying to enlighten the world and empower each person and you want him to give you a pill. Sound familiar? Isn't that how we got here in the first place? Pay for the information he provides, he's worked for it.

Suicidal Jane said...


No, I don't believe this man is trying to "enlighten the world and empower each person." I believe he is trying to make money by taking advantage of people. Kind of like you. Did you seriously just link your pyramid scheme website in your comment? Classy.

And where did I ask for a pill? I love it when people argue with me by poking holes in statements I never made. I'm not asking for anything from this bogus food guru. Except maybe for him to go away.

Anonymous said...

There are many others who speak of Apricot Seeds as a cure for cancer.

G.Edward Griffin for one. Check out this short film- quite interesting to say the least.

My Girlfriend's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She was incredibly willing to try the apricot seeds and after only two weeks of taking them the cancer before had decresed by almost half it's originally diagnosed size.

After the surgery to remove what was left the doctors told her that they were suprised to see that it had shrunk so dramatically in such a short time. She didn't however mention anything to the Doctor or her GP about the seeds because of the controversy over vitiman B17/leatrile/amagdalyn as the active chemical compound in apricot seeds is known as.

I highly recommend them even if you don't have cancer. about five a day is sufficient for prevention.

Here's to a world without Cancer!


Suicidal Jane said...


I'm glad your girlfriend's mother's cancer shrank, and I hope she is recovering well. I do hope she does decide to discuss any homeopathic treatments with her doctors. Whether they agree with her decision, I believe it's very important that her doctors know so that they don't prescribe anything that might counteract with such methods. Since, we're giving each other links to follow. Please feel free to follow this path:

I would like to paraphrase the part that reads "The active cancer killing ingredient in laetrile is cyanide. Cyanide, as you probably know, is highly poisonous." The page does go farther to explain why laetrile has been used as an alternative cancer treatment, and the several decades of research (in Russia, USA - National Cancer Institute) that have been put into this possible cure. And as of 2006, this treatment has been found to be inconsistent. "The second study looked at whether laetrile had any effect on shrinking cancer tumors in 175 patients. Of these patients, only one person had any apparent response to laetrile and this only lasted for 10 weeks. Seven months after the study, all the patients’ cancers had continued to grow." I sincerely hope that your girlfriend's mother is a great exception. I also support more cancer research into this. However, I hope that anyone considering trying this method understands the risks. If you're not careful, you can die from cyanide poisoning. And you thought cancer was your biggest worry!


Suicidal Jane said...

"Side effects of laetrile

Laetrile contains cyanide, which is a type of poison. So the side effects of laetrile are the same as those of cyanide.

These include

Liver damage
A lack of oxygen to the body tissues
A drop in blood pressure
Drooping eyelids
Nerve damage, causing loss of balance and difficulty walking
Confusion, coma and eventually death

If you do take laetrile as tablets, it is very important that you avoid eating

Raw almonds
Crushed fruit stones or pips
High doses of vitamin C
Beans - mung, lima, butter and other pulses
Flax seed

All these can increase the risk of cyanide poisoning if you take them with laetrile because they contain low levels of amygdalin. (These foods are safe when you eat them without laetrile because the levels of amygdalin in them are low.)"

All of that was taken directly from (without permission, because I am a naughty girl):

Anonymous said...

Just in case you didn't realise but Vitamin B12 is cyanocobalamin. Essential for our bodies but also contains cyanide. The bit you're missing is the idea of whole food not just the so called active ingredient. More is not better, not even with conventional cancer treatments. They're cytotoxic - kill cells even the good ones. To be fair you should also put the side effects from the cancer drugs on your site. As for Don Tolman he is sprouting common sense nutrition that most have forgotten. No I have not paid for his advice. Every thing in moderation. Lose your anger and try it.

Suicidal Jane said...

Thank you for your input anonymous commenter. You have right to your opinion, and as I originally wrote this post eleven months ago, I have no lingering desire to debate this with you.

That's a lie, I have plenty of desire to continue this discussion. But I'm going to keep this short.

I'm not saying that conventional cancer treatments aren't risky. There is NO cure for cancer. That's a fact. It sucks. Period. I won't post the all side effects from conventional methods, because the doctors prescribing such actions will go over those. Doctors legally have to tell patients the risks, so a patient can make an informed decision. Someone diagnosed with cancer has many options they can take. They can choose to do nothing. (You never know, it might clear up?) They can go through kemo, radiation, surgery, or experimental therapies guided through by their doctor. (Scientist believe that though it's very risky, it can help.) They can choose to try something experimental without their doctor. (Maybe it will work, or maybe a sudden complication will come up with no medical professional there to resuscitate them.) In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter what they choose. Everyone (whether they have cancer or not) dies in the end.

I'm just trying to throw some information out in the cyberverse.

waldo said...

I have been taking apricot kernals for about 8 years and have had none of effects that I read about in the comments stated. The reason I started was because of the amount of cancer in my family...Father,Mother,Sistor Brother,plus 2 other brothers with heart problems I was the only smoker in the family and as a youth I thought I was inderstuctable.Atthe age of 71 I take no medication I have a resting pulse rate 43 to 50. The government has cut of my usual suppliers of kernals however I have many friends who supply me with them with interest in my well-being. Ihave put my faith in chiropractors as I feel they saved my life,it was football injury that doctors could'nt fix,I also think there is a link between spinal injury and cancer so if you know anybody with cancer ask them if they had a bad back before they got cancer and if the cancer was near the spine problem


By the way I take 30 kernals a day and friends say I look healthy enough to reach 100 years!!!!

Suicidal Jane said...

Thank you very much for you comment, Waldo. You are welcome to your opinion, just as I am to mine. However since this post has recently celebrated it's one year anniversary, I am no longer interested in fighting with anyone. If it works for you, that's great. As I've said before, I'm just throwing out some information. Use it, abuse it, lose it (the information that is) as you will.

Anonymous said...

If you have ever researched the problem we have in our society with DEAD processed foods you would start to believe this guy also. I had the pleasure to listen to the man and he is on the right track to educate people and 1 thing is our digestive system is over a million years old and CAN NOT cope with the JUNK that people think is food and the government is the biggest hypocrite letting the supermarkets sell this JUNK to the people and tell them that it is ok and packed full of nutritious goodness. WAKE UP. With all the money being stolen from the people, the drug company's need to been held responsible for all the so called SIDE EFFECTS. POISON, TOXIC is what it is. SUGAR/carbohydrate=FAT. simple as that.

Juraj said...

if you say about someone that he/she is an idiot it doesn't say anything about that person but it says a lot about you.

Don Tolman is right and you can find a scientific research done in 50s that proves that apricot seeds are very helpful against cancer - vitamin B17. The book called "Cancer: Why we're still dying to know the truth"

I know a lot about the food from my own research and experience and he just proved me what I already knew.
But as they say...ignorance is bliss. Some people are not just ready yet for the truth....

Anonymous said...

To Suicidal Jane,
i know you wrote your comment on Don Tolman a very long time ago, but i just wanted to make my own opinion known as you did yourself. Don Tolman is not out to hurt you or anyone else he is trying to give you and other people a chance to find out different things that people actually dont know. some of the most basic of things like tomato and red capsicum is good for your heart isnt known by alot of people in the general public average people are pill pushers and eat food that half the time they dont even know whats really in it. Some of the things may not seem that good to you but to others it makes alot of sense. People like yourself, myself and everyone else such as Don Tolman have a right to express their opinion and if you dont like it then tough shit. And yes Don might ask people to pay for the knowledge he knows but so do doctors, so do nutritionists so do a whole hell of alot of other people just because Don has a unique career job doesnt mean he's got to be poor to do it. the information he has can effect people for the rest of their lives. my friend went to one of his sessions and then paid for his bootcamp and shes now lost almost 30kilos by following a whole food eating plan. Its funny how you think that someone suggesting something natural is bad over something medical.
Regards Erika

Cambell said...

Ok so who here has actually seen Don Tolman speak?? who has read his literature ??? who has listened to his audio's, any of them ???? who has done any research AT ALL about Don Tolman????? What makes me sick (Mr J) is people making uneducated comments in a public forum with nothing at all to back up their claims. All these negative comments come from people who have no idea who Don Tolman is and what he does and stands for. just hate mongering to make yourselves feel better about your lives. educate youself people. I have been on a 3 day course with Don Tolman (i took my 12yo son)I have listened to many of his audio's and read a few of his books. Now tell me nay sayers what is wrong with drinking water ? what is wrong with walking daily ? what is wrong with eating fresh raw foods ?what is wrong with breathing fresh air ? what is wrong in pursuing what interests you? These are the key points taught by Don if you think this is wrong and misleading then sorry to tell you but your on the wrong planet.

Jeff said...

Don Tolman also says that women who wear a bra for 12 hours or more a day are 100 times more likely to develop breast cancer than woman who don't. Apparently, the bra holds "toxins" in the breast tissue! In the same article (on his website) he suggests that woman who find changes in their breasts DON'T rush off to a doctor for treatment, because doctors are trying to poison everyone for money etc etc.

I'm all for healthy eating and unprocessed foods, but like all conmen, Tolman uses a common sense idea and extrapolates that into a paranoid money-making rant.

Anonymous said...

the only "idiot" is you. you have absolutely NO CLUE about what you are talking about. What you say is based on your small experience. Do me a favour and do not comment on those who have actually put in the years. Everything Don Tolman has said is true, and it can be proven if you would only put in the time and distance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, its no wonder your suicidal..what gloom and doom you spread...You obviously have never studied Don tolmans teachings fully or food as medicine teachings either!
As one who has cured myself of incurable disease with food and Don Tolmans teachings when all else failed, I am living proof that Knowledge based upon true study and understanding is of great benefit to all...get your facts right before you unleash your ignorance!!

Benjammin said...

question: how has skepticism improved your life? I mean really improved your life?
Create good instead of just calling things bad.

Anonymous said...

Glad some people have put the time and effort to respond to such unfounded claims about Mr Tolman.. Suicidal Jane - you will be the only person who looses out here, Maybe you should turn your critical eye towards the medical establishment and then, just perhaps... you'll see who's really pulling the wool over people's eyes... and by the way, NZ $14 to see him talk for 2.5hours is the cheapest presentation by a mile i've ever been to. Good on you Don for speaking the oldest, proven truths.

Anonymous said...

Tolman's knowledge is sound... IF you have the capacity to understand it. I guess some people are doomed to be dumb - kinda like a horse - you can lead him to water but you can't make him drink!

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of how old your post is, but I do think your reasoning for feeling sceptical of him is somewhat justified so I decided to throw in my comment. I've gone to one of Don Tolman's programs, my parents going twice and they're definitely believers - they paid $100+ for two of his Farmacist Desk Reference books (which look cheaply made btw. They look as though someone made them in their home and took a bunch of clip art from microsoft word and posted them throughout these FDRs) as well as a set of his dvds...might I add the dvds are collecting dust? What he said about carrots looking like eyes, tomatoes looking like hearts, etc. made sense. He was also open to various questions after he was done with the main part of his program. He says he's done things such as fasted in the mountains for 40 days strictly on water and when he ate a peach afterwards he had an epiphany. But there's or anything of these excursions, or how he looked before and after his 40 day fasts. And he claims to have helped many people get over their cancer after fasting for 10+ days on solely water and fresh squeezed lemon juice or something...but there's no videos of these people going through their struggles, no photos, no proof of this. And when you google his name, there's only links to his website... and ironically, your blog is the 4th or 5th result. It really does make you wonder if he is truly for real. I've seen him and I'm still wondering this.
Only time will tell I suppose...

Alex Tessier said...

Cyanide, believe it or not, is a dietary expectation, within biologically rational quantities. Cyanide within the body is transformed into another substance called, 'thiocyanate'. Sickle cell anemia is a thiocyanate deficiency disease. Do you see what I'm getting at? Hundreds of foods we consume daily contain dietary cyanide. Provided that we don't overwhelm our natural capacities to process it safely, there is no danger. Cyanide is not an accumulative toxin.

That said, it is totally possible to eat too many apricot kernels and feel quite unwell as a result, but a fatal dose is a very large quantity and highly unlikely. So unlikely, in fact, that it has never been medically reported in a documented, verifiable way. That is a fact that should surpirse anyone vaguely familiar with this controversy.

Whether or not apricot kernels work is somewhat irrelevant. What is relevant is that people believe that they work and thousands have reported benefit and cure from their use. Yes, this information is anecdotal... who cares. Placebo or not, if apricot kernels provide hope under not-so-hopeful circumstances, their use is justified. No one is going to die from eating apricot kernels. At worst, they might be admitted to hospital, where they'll be treated with an antidote that is 100% effective. At best, the apricot kernels will stop the cancer from spreading, which is their number one function. When the cancer is stopped in its tracks, the immune system has a chance to tackle the beast head to head. Unfortunately, conventional treatment destroys the immune system and it is typically only the younger, more resilient of patients who will overcome this scenario.

If willing, have a read of my own blog at

Anonymous said...

I saw Don Tolman live, in Melbourne Australia, on 03/10/12.
The only good things Don Tolman had to say was to eat clean, enjoy healthy relationships and never stop your thirst for learning.
Anything else suggested by Don Tolman is nothing more than unsubstantiated personal opinion/s by him.
According to Mr Tolman, the entire medical community, across the entire world, is in on a "scam" to support Pharmaco's. Apparently, this is achieved by developing and prescribing medicines that have been specifically developed by Pharmaco’s with the specific purpose and intent to make people sick.
If this is true, why do people win Nobel Peace Prizes in the field of Medicine?
There is no way that ALL medical practitioners, throughout the world, would willingly or knowingly treat patients with the sole intent of making their patient’s sicker with the specific purpose to generate future business revenue for themselves and/or the pharamacos.
Furthermore, are Doctors really that dumb to be duped in to prescribing medicines that make people sick?
Please, do not misconstrue any of my criticisms towards Mr Tolman. I believe, in his heart that he sincerely believes he is doing good. I am also a massive believer in allowing the body itself to heal. I also subscribe to the point of view to use medical treatment and surgeries as an option of last resort with the view to heal yourself as naturally as possible. But only ever take such a course of action with the explicit considered consultation, input, and recommendations of qualified professionals, whatever the medical modality. The trick here is to find the right medical practitioner that shares your point of view.
Professional medical practitioners never stop studying throughout their career. According to Mr Tolman, and I quote Mr Tolman directly "doing the third grade twice", is Mr Tolman’s only recognised educational credential to substantiate any claims made by Mr Tolman. Some of the best minds and business people in the World’s history are not technically trained, but Mr Tolman's attitude is nothing short of exceeding arrogance.
Mr Tolman, if modern medicine is so bad, how come the average human life expectancy has more than doubled in the last hundred years? Would modern medicine have anything to do with it?
Mr Tolman, have you ever considered that the disease is on the rise because:
A) there are more humans on the planet and the increase in disease is in directly in ratio/proportion by way of numbers
B) we have better technology for early detection of disease?
It is the truth that the first MRI exam occurred in 1977. Since then, MRI technology is certainly more accessible to people. Prior to MRI scans, serious medical conditions could only be detected via invasive surgical procedures. Prior to MRI scans, people died without cause, and the cause was only discovered after post mortem autopsies.
But let me guess - MRI scans are probably part of the "scam" to induce more cancer.
According to Mr Tolman, just ask your Grandma for her treatment and a cure instead. Nothing a squirt of lemon or salt wouldn't cure.
Mr Tolman, you state fluoridation of water causes cancer and other maladies. In Australia, Queensland is the only State in Australia that does not fluoridate its potable water supply. Please explain why Queensland has the highest incidence of tooth decay in Australia, yet the rate of cancer or disease is no different to any other humans?
And finally Mr Tolman, you suggest one in two American Citizens has cancer. Considering your confidence in your methods, why not cures them all, within 45 - 90 day with your eating suggestions?
Mr Tolman, Obama care is high on American Government Policy Agenda. Please take your cause to Congress and have laws passed that ensures that every cancer ridden American is cured.
By doing that, you will prove your point, and make every Pharmaco go broke overnight.
Isn’t that what you want?

Glenda said...

Hi Jane,

Thank you for being the voice of sanity on this charlatan Tolman.

A friend who is very sweet but also very gullible was telling me about him today. I thought, sounds like a charlatan to me. And the first 30 Google listings all smacked of self-promotional gaming the SEO.

Finally, your post. Good call!

vilding said...

A school friend mentioned Mr Tolman to me some days ago, and "invited" me to view his site online. Prior to this visit by my old school friend I had never heard of this man ever, and i know alot of people who live holistically and avidly pursue a healthy lifestyle.
i have now spent a few hours reading pro Tolman and negative views as well. In addition i spent a good while reading all about him on his site
Good on you Jane for your blog site, people need to read differing views about self proclaimed people who have all the answers
Personally even tho it is early days, i would hazard a guess that this fellow is just enjoying the ride he is on
his image is a little weird too in my humble opinion...why look like some wild gunslinger and wear you hat inside?
i was raised to believe it rude or bad mannered to wear a hat indoors, not to mention bad luck :)
but seriously if as my friend says this man has all the answers, and can cure all sorts of maladies, and killer diseases such as cancer, why hasnt anyone mentioned him before to me, i am after all very interested in health and alternative remedies
To top it of i was told that my spinal injury could be cured by this man, and that i should contact him, i supppose he will just asses my delicate condition over the telephone?
but then such a mountain climbing health guru such as Mr Tolman who apparently travels the world searching (and finding) old scrolls will surely fix me up
it seems he is a man who must have some incredible powers...not
Too many people in my opinion are unable to think for themselves andMr Tolman appears to be making quite a good living selling his books, golden nuggets, seminars etc to the flock of sheep that are always so easy to lead
Good on you Jane
your writing and blog has helped me sort this one. i will not be wasting my time and insulting my ears and mind going to one of his upcoming seminars

Milton said...

Hi all, to all the uneducated, I have Don Tolman's FDR, if you don't know what that is and haven't read it you have no right posting comment here as you should first read this. You don't need to see him, his videos are all over youtube. First of what he is teaching is "self help" instead of relying solely on some orthodox doctor to look after you, he gives you the info to help yourself. Everything you put into your body effects you in some way whether you believe it or not. If you eat good, wholefoods, are you nurturing or destroying your cells? If you put rubbish, junk, drugs both hallucinogenic or iatrogenic are you nourishing or destroying your cells? Its all pretty simple stuff. We put so much crap into our bodies and wonder why we develop disease of all description. We are in control of our own health whether by choice or ignorance. You are what you eat, feel, your emotions and so forth. Everything we think, how we breathe all either adds or subtracts to our life force. Basically if we eat foods with "life" we are nurturing. If we eat "dead", foods which are devoid of life, then we subtract from our life force. We create our own diseases and in effect we can create our own health, we just need to know which is right or wrong for health. Being given a drug by a Dr with a list of letters followed by a degree does not guarantee anything, in fact quite the opposite. If you want to cure cancer and you do the right things and put your mind into a mental state that tells you you can do it then you have set yourself up to succeed. If you continue to live as is, don't make the necessary changes and eat foods that contain death then that will be your outcome. Don Tolman is such a man who can guide you onto the right path, giving you the tools you need to succeed in beating cancer. Cancer is a manmade disease which we create ourselves thru indulgence. Read his works, apply them and see results. It's not a matter of opinion but a law of nature. If you like Coke, drugs, fast foods and the like, eventually somethings gotta give, feed your body on the fuel we were meant to run on and notice the difference. When you've done that then you can say whether or not it works, but until then you really don't know nothing. A quote by Mark twain "what gets us into trouble is not what we know, but what we no for sure that just ain't so", think before you speak as you might be knowing something that just ain't so.

Nichole Mercado said...

Cancer really has no cure yet, but alternative cancer treatments can indeed prolong a patient's lifespan which probably is the polar opposite of conventional medicine. Chemo therapy practically hastens your death while making you experience grave pain. Anyway, there are many cancers fighting, high in antioxidant fruits that are available in the market; and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get healthy.

Anonymous said...

I'm 48, I've been eating 8 to 10 apricot kernels every day for the last 5 years, not only I didn't ever have any kind of side effect but I've never been as healty as I am now. I'm sure apricot kernels can be toxic if I eat 200 of them in one go, try to take an entire box of paracetamol at once and then tell me... Anyway, nobody ever died of fruit seeds poisoning, never seen in the news, never heard of, just because simply it does not happen. It is a hurban myth, incidentally extremelly useful for the farmaceutical looby.