Thursday, June 26, 2008

What would Don Tolman say about this?

Because this blog doesn't load slow enough for dial-up users.

What could these strange ingredients be used for, I wonder.

That's where I keep my shoes.

Some sort of medieval torture device?

Samonela! Call the paramedics!

Good Morning little boy! What would you like to have to eat while you watch your Saturday morning cartoons?

"Cupcakes please!"

Wash your hands first!

Read the directions and preheat the oven. (Take out the shoes first!!!)

Do these paper baking cups make me look fat?

Add all the wet ingredients...

And it will look like this. Do not drink.

How's that oven doing? Preheated yet?

Add the dry ingredents...

Perhaps we should have used a bigger bowl.

I didnt' spill a drop!

Now that it's all mixed together, we can separate the goo into cupcake sized cups.

I did this all left-handed, so you could see what I was doing in each photo. I'm right-handed, so please excuse the mess.

Into the oven! Who left my flip flops in there?!

It may not look like it, but it's hot in there.

While the cupcakes bake...

Not yet Mr. J!

White icing tastes gross.

But colored icing tastes fantastic! (That was not meant to sound racist, I swear!)

Pink icing, yum.

The cupcakes have finished baking.. and it looks like they got fat in there. Are they pregnant perhaps?

Naked cupcakes... put some icing on.

Naked cupcakes are an affront against God.

And we don't want to piss the big guy off.

Breakfast's ready!


Pagan Lizard said...

Barb and I both contend that cupcakes ARE in fact a good breakfast food. They contain milk, eggs, flour... Everything that a good breakfast should have. Not to mention enough sugar to get the kids (or Mr. J) hyper enough to mow the car, wash the lawn, walk the laundry and wash the cat all before 8 am.

Anonymous said...

Who is Don Tolman and What does he have to do with cupcakes for breakfast?

Suicidal Jane said...

Don Tolman is my imaginary arch nemesis. Not imaginary in being, because he is a real person. But imaginary in that he has no idea who I am, or that we're fighting.

Mr. J said...

Those were some GREAT cupcakes!!

PS the next time you stop me from eating the icing I will bite your hand off and dip it in the icing and slowly like it of the bloody stump....YUMMY

Anonymous said...

The double chin is a flattering look for you.