Friday, June 27, 2008

Nude Underwear!

I remember going to my junior high prom more than any other dance of my scholastic career. It may have been because it was the first dance I'd ever gone to. Or that I loved every song and danced to every one. Even when none of my friends would dance the one slow dance with me, so I asked the amazingly hoTT (with two capital T's) DJ to dance with me instead. (Good gawd he was cute, and a good dancer.) But what I remember even more than the dance itself was getting ready for it.

I wasn't going to go when I'd first heard about it. I didn't even go to that school anymore, my ex was going to be there with his new girlfriend. I'd never been interested in going to school dances before. It wasn't even something I'd contemplated. But then my best friend's boyfriend couldn't go, and she'd already bought two tickets. She cried, and I caved.

My mom, Opera Mom, was stoked. The dance started in three hours, and we rushed to the mall to get me a dress, shoes, the works. In just and hour and a half, we'd bought me the cutest red dress and strappy red heels. I was going to look hotter than any of the other girls there (just to make my ex jealous). 'Cept there was one problem.

My dress was entirely see-through.

Opera Mom had a solution though. Flesh-colored underwear! Genius! A ninth grader in see-through dress wearing flesh-colored underwear looks a lot like a ninth grader in a see-through dress wearing no underwear. Looking back on it, I can see why the DJ danced with me.... and I did make my ex-boyfriend jealous!

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Mr. J said...

It is years later and I am jealous.. Where is this dress and why haven't I seen it? Can I be the DJ? hehe