Sunday, June 15, 2008

Like I needed an excuse for a sing-a-long.

It's no secret. I like musicals. Rodgers & Hammerstein. Gilbert & Sullivan. I adored them in the same way kids adored Bert & Ernie. (I love them too, but they have fewer songs on my iPod.) I don't care if it's a new musical, an old musical, a new version of an old musical; if it's about romance, comedy, horror, a human-eating plant, ancient mummies, or a cashier at the grocery store. A world where people can spontaneously burst into song and dance is a world I would like to live in.

That being said, yesterday, joined by my family, Mr. J, and two almost-strangers who wanted the two extra tickets I bought, I finally got to see Spamalot. Silly men, dancing 'round in tights with Spamalot showgirls, excellent family viewing.

Happy Baby's Daddy Day!
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Pagan Lizard said...

i had NO IDEA you liked musicals... none whatsoever. when were you planning on sharing thi with me?? lmao.