Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lizard Tails

It figures that right before the Duke City's big Gay Pride weekend, my girlfriend would pack up and move to Denver.

Selfish, SELFISH!

As I've told her before, it feels a lot like I've had my left arm amputated. Not my right arm, because I can still wield a pencil just fine. I keep thinking I can just walk across the hall at work and talk to her at her desk. It's an phantom itch I can't scratch, because the limb isn't even there anymore.

It's tough when people move, the adjustment period is unsettling. I haven't pooed since Thursday, not as unsettling as it is uncomfortable. Not that i ever poo, that's gross. Girls don't do that.

Lizards can grow their tails back if it gets lost. So if your friend, named Lizard, removes your arm when she moves, will it grow back?

1 comment:

Pagan Lizard said...

i hope that your arm doesn't grow back before you move up here because to me, that would mean that you've replaced me and that would just suck. i can tell you that the Lizard tail (or left arm) which is missing right now, is only a temporary thing. i won't grow my tail back, she'll have to move up here and soon! make mr. j take you to dions for a half chicken caesar salad with rasberry vinegrette. then have him buy you some cheesecake because we may just have to annoy your stomach enough to allow you to make toilet paper oragami again. i miss you.