Sunday, March 29, 2009

Night At The Opera of Genocide

Saturday night, Mr. J and I went to watch MonkeyLord perform in an opera. It wasn't the first opera he's been in, but it is the first one I've been able to attend. Also, it was the first opera I've ever seen. OperaMom has performed in a few of her own, but somehow I always missed them.

My first impression of the world of opera: 

Why are there swastikas decorating the theater? 

I know that the symbol means a lot of other things besides the first one that comes to mind. Check out what wikipedia has to say. But... really? The designer couldn't pick any other symbol to decorate the place with?


Jason said...

Wow I can't believe I missed that, o yea that is because I was asleep. We went to the opera?

The Loss Adjuster said...

Oh, my!

Annette said...

Actually, that was one of the things that I first noticed at the Kimo, too.