Friday, March 6, 2009

Day Twenty-four

There's a crazy game running rampant on the Internet. It's a game very similar to one I just played. But since I've been tagged by three people now, I'm breaking down and playing it too. I'm told to post 25 "random" things about me. But to add suspense, I'm posting one thing a day. I see you shiver in antici...........................................pation.

24. I'm on the pill. The daily-I-can-have-sex-until-I-turn-blue-and-still-not-get-pregnant pill.* I just found out, when picking up my latest refill from the pharmacy, that my insurance no longer covers oral contraceptives. I'll be covered in the event that I decide to have 8-14 children, but not to prevent those multiple bastards. I've spent the last few days wondering, does my insurance cover abortions? And in a now signature line of thought, could I sell an unborn fetus to a renegade scientist who is researching a cure for Alzheimer's?

*No, Mom & Dad, I'm not having sex. I've never even thought about having sex. I don't even really know what sex is. What little I know sounds gross. Boys are gross too. Ew.

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Anna said...

you're too awesome for words, girly