Friday, September 5, 2008

You've just been Europe'd, because I love you.

I came up with a new game. Mr J and I have been beta-testing it, and after a month of successful tests, I am ready to to release it out into the public.

Ashton Kutcher "punks" people.

I "Europe" people. I don't mean that I send people to the continent, I am not that rich nor that generous. At completely unexpected, and frequently inappropriate, moments I find a subtle way to get the Europe's rock anthem "The Final Countdown" stuck in some one's head. Sometimes I'll text it, or whisper it in some one's ear. I've left it on peoples myspace pages, or stuck a CD in the car stereo the night before a long trip, where it's the only song. I'm not above teaching a parrot to sing it, or hiring a singing telegram. (Unfortunately, I haven't the funds to do it... yet.)

I even got the Symphonic orchestra of Liepaja and Melo-M to preform it for all of you. (I have that kind of power!!!) To introduce the awesomeness of this game. So please, spread the joy, and bask in the misery of your loved ones, after they can't get away from it for a solid month.

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