Sunday, September 21, 2008

Suspension of Disbelief - Anatomy Edition

This weekend I spent several hours starring at my computer, reading a friend of mine's novel. It's not finished yet, I'm one of her beta-readers and I'm very much looking forward to reading the rest of it. Her novel is an "adult" story. Erotic, sensual and a little smutty. (When it's done, it'll be published, you can get your own copy, and you'll love it. Lock yourself in the bathroom alone for two hours type - love it.)

I've also been reading a book, not on the computer, this one I actually had to pay for. A werewolf romance novel. It's cute, a little funny and half way through the book, I thought it was on it's way to becoming steamy. Boy werewolf and girl werewolf were naked (in human form, animal sex is not my thing). Boy werewolf inserted his "male length" into... her womb. That's about where I lost it. I could handle them being werewolves. I could believe that a rich hot shot man was interested in a plump orphan from the hood. But his trouser snake is so huge, he's hitting her uterus.... and why is she not screaming in pain? Something that huge has got to hurt. And how'd he get past the cervix anyway? See the diagram below... I just don't see this happening, and even if it did, I don't see her enjoying it... let alone "arching her back in ecstasy."

My friend's book, does not have any of these anatomy issues. Promise.

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a smiley face said...

Thanks for the sweet words and yet another enlightening post. Oh, and for putting a smile on my face, as you always do with your rapier wit :)

You have my word, there will be no mention of members, manhoods or lengths being inserted into any wombs in my story.