Monday, April 7, 2008

Insecurity 2.0

People should have to earn a license before they are allowed to have children. In the years I've been an adult, and old enough to have friends that have kids, I've seen some things that truly make my blood boil. I've seen mothers tell their daughters that all women are either a bitch or a whore. I've seen groups of adults brag to their children about the many times they've driven home from the bar/club/party/etc drunk and weren't caught. I've seen a father chain his own son to a table, forbidding him to talk to anyone for the duration of a week, and then question why someone called child services on him. These are just the things I've seen with my own eyes. So much worse happens everyday. It disgusts me. It makes me hope that global warming speeds up so humanity can drown in our own vat of filth. If you want a child for any other reason than to love them unconditionally, then don't have one! In the age of now, with so many types of birth control, and options when pregnant, no one is being forced to raise an unwanted baby. (At least in this country.) The fact that people can do so many horrible things to their own children makes me fear what they're capable of doing to others.

Just another reason why I'm scared of having kids.

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Pagan Lizard said...

you may be scared but remember all the AWESOME lies i've told my kid... santa being on contract with china and japan and that's why he can't have a WII for christmas... lmao. it'll be okay honey. once the FDA approves GPS locators for babies, you'll be a great mother.