Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grumblings of a drunken mind.

What is currently bugging me right now? Cheap ass DVDs. When I shell out 20 dollars (or more!) for a DVD, I want a quality product, no cut corners. I want extras that I'm actually going to use. Am I ever going to listen to the commentary by the Director of Props, the Production Assistant and the guy who catered the hot dogs for the set? No. But when I open up the box, I expect/want to see a booklet, or even one lousy piece of paper accompanying the DVD disc inside. If for no other reason than to keep disc from being lonely. C'mon, it's the one DVD extra I'm guaranteed to look at before I even watch the movie. Sometimes before I even get to place with a DVD player!

This is a sight that makes me a sad burrito.... :(

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Pagan Lizard said...

the poor movies. they get so lonely without books in their boxes to keep them company. it's awful that we pay so much money for an almost empty box.