Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm on to your ruse

I think my friend is trying to convince me I am insane.

The friend I went to visit last month (Corlene) and I had spent hours discussing all of our former school mates, and what they had done with their lives. She kept bringing up one girl, Nell. I had, and still don't, no idea who she was talking about.

Corlene: "You remember, Nell. Tall, blonde hair, pretty eyes, Nell."

Me: "You could be talking about anyone... I don't remember her."

Corlene: "Of course you remember her, a little on the pudgy side. She wasn't in the core group, but she would sit with us at lunch sometimes."

Me: "On the days I was sick?"

Corlene: "No. Remember! She was always so sweet."

Me: "Are you sure you didn't meet her after I moved?"

Corlene: "I'm positive you knew her, you had biology together."

I was stumped. Biology had been one of my favorite classes, but I still had no memory of "Nell". I shrugged it off, and had Corlene tell me what Nell had been up to anyway. I then promptly forgot all about this mystery girl.

Until she sent me a friend request on Facebook.

I'm skeptical. Mr. J and his brother created a fake Facebook account, to convice Mr. J's nieces (the brother's daughters) that they had a younger sister. This sister was horribly deformed, and so chose to live in their mother's attic. I'll admit, I help add depth to the deception, by developing the online account, adding "Likes" and photos of socks (she doesn't like pictures taken of her face, but is proud of her sock collection). So I know just how easy it would be to create a fake account.

I mean look at the profile photo. That's obviously not anyone I went to school with. Everyone I went to school with became drug-addicts, whores, or got really, really fat.

At least that's what Corlene and I decided.

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