Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pear Phone

This pig is under pear pressure
I recently buckled to peer pressure and bought an iphone 4S. This is not a post about how much I love my phone. Because it's been a month, and eh, we've both decided to just be friends. And not even close ones. Like, only occasionally "Like" each other's statuses when they show up in our Facebook feed, friends.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yes, peer pressure. I didn't want those dickheads my peers to know that they had pressured me into buying into their cult a iphone. So when one of them asked me to show them my new phone, I lied.
This is the lie I told.

Me: "This is my new phone, pretty cool right?"

Person #1 in group: "Is that the iPhone? Which model is it?"

Me:  "Oh, no, it's an aPhone, they look just like the iPhone but are so much cheaper."

Person #2: "What's the aPhone? I don't think I've heard of that."

Person #1 "Who makes it?"

Me: "I'm not sure who makes it. I bought it on eBay. It took forever to get here. I think in came from China."

Person #1 & #2: nod in understanding

Person #1: "So it's a knock-off?"

Me: "I guess,  but it does everything the iPhone does. I even have Suri."

Person #1: "You have Siri?"

Me: "Well, I have Suri. It's like Siri, but a guy, and British"

At this point in my story, please note that you CAN change the settings on your phone to have male British Siri, a female Australian Siri or a female American setting. Anyone who has played with the settings on their phone would know this. But apparently the average macintosh user does not like to customize their software.

Person #2: "Nu-uh, let me see!"

Me: hands over phone

Person #2: talking into phone "Suri, where would be a good place to get lunch?'

Siri/Suri: in a male British voice "Here are the restaurants close to you that serve lunch."

Person #2: "No way! That's so cool! I want one!"

Person #1: "How much was it? Where did you get it? eBay?"

Me: "It was about $35 dollars with the shipping."

Person #2: "I'm going to tell my husband about this one. He's going to flip! We could afford to get one for each of the kids."


Yes my puppets. Believe my ridiculous lies! Tell your family. Eventually, someone you tell, will inform you of what a complete boob you are to believe such things.

Pig Pear Pressure Picture was taken by Fredrik Bj√∂reman 

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Bjoreman said...

Hey, fun post! And thanks for making such good use of my photo, you just made my afternoon!