Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is anyone else sick of Don Tolman yet?

I don't think my one-sided battle with Don Tolman* is the most controversial thing I've ever written about. It is however, the one topic that I've gotten the most attention from. Those posts are the most clicked upon, and have gotten the most feedback. I get a lot of nasty e-mails, and a few polite ones, telling me where to shove my opinions. Today, I got a very polite comment on this post. I'll post it here as well (See what happens when you're nice to me? I publish you twice!): 

There are many others who speak of Apricot Seeds as a cure for cancer.

G.Edward Griffin for one. Check out this short film- quite interesting to say the least.

My Girlfriend's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She was incredibly willing to try the apricot seeds and after only two weeks of taking them the cancer before had decresed by almost half it's originally diagnosed size.

After the surgery to remove what was left the doctors told her that they were suprised to see that it had shrunk so dramatically in such a short time. She didn't however mention anything to the Doctor or her GP about the seeds because of the controversy over vitiman B17/leatrile/amagdalyn as the active chemical compound in apricot seeds is known as. 

I highly recommend them even if you don't have cancer. about five a day is sufficient for prevention.

Here's to a world without Cancer!


Here is my response:

I'm glad your girlfriend's mother's cancer shrank, and I hope she is recovering well. I do hope she does decide to discuss any homeopathic treatments with her doctors. Whether they agree with her decision, I believe it's very important that her doctors know so that they don't prescribe anything that might counteract with such methods. Since, we're giving each other links to follow. Please feel free to follow this path: 

I would like to paraphrase the part that reads "
The active cancer killing ingredient in laetrile is cyanide. Cyanide, as you probably know, is highly poisonous." The page does go farther to explain why laetrile has been used as an alternative cancer treatment, and the several decades of research (in Russia, USA - National Cancer Institute) that have been put into this possible cure. And as of 2006, this treatment has been found to be inconsistent. "The second study looked at whether laetrile had any effect on shrinking cancer tumors in 175 patients. Of these patients, only one person had any apparent response to laetrile and this only lasted for 10 weeks. Seven months after the study, all the patients’ cancers had continued to grow." I sincerely hope that your girlfriend's mother is a great exception. I also support more cancer research into this. However, I hope that anyone considering trying this method understands the risks. If you're not careful, you can die from cyanide poisoning. And you thought cancer was your biggest worry!


A few more notes I feel important to mention. 

"Side effects of laetrile
Laetrile contains cyanide, which is a type of poison. So the side effects of laetrile are the same as those of cyanide.  
These include  
Liver damage  
A lack of oxygen to the body tissues  
A drop in blood pressure  
Drooping eyelids  
Nerve damage, causing loss of balance and difficulty walking  
Confusion, coma and eventually death  

If you do take laetrile as tablets, it is very important that you avoid eating

Raw almonds  
Crushed fruit stones or pips  
High doses of vitamin C  
Beans - mung, lima, butter and other pulses  
Flax seed  

All these can increase the risk of cyanide poisoning if you take them with laetrile because they contain low levels of amygdalin. (These foods are safe when you eat them without laetrile because the levels of amygdalin in them are low.)" All of that was taken directly from (without permission, because I am a naughty girl):

*This all started here. With a stupid forward I got sent at work.

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jaustin777 said...

Hi Jane,

Seems we are of a very different opinion about Don Tolman. I do understand how a Blogger with an edge and vitriolic humor can gain more attention than one focusing "more seriously" on topics of great interest. It is also very clear that you know how to do research and have a good deal of wit and an Alpha attitude regardless of the reference to suicide.

I personally recommend a video series of Don's known as D-Talkz where Don uses a deconstructive approach towards Western Medicine's use of complex latinate terminology. This is refreshing, empowering and satisfactorily research based that Don has spoken at John's Hopkins School of Medicine on multiple occasions. Regardless of the degree to which Don's oratory may annoy you, he has real testimonials to support him and has personally helped more than 500 traditional North American physicians, primarily Oncologists transition out of traditional practices to alternative medical and naturopathic careers.

As a person who watched his mother die from cancer treatment, chemotherapy and radiation, I do not claim to be unbiased or objective on this topic. I have no opinion on the efficacy of laetrile.


Jack Austin