Sunday, April 26, 2009

Living in the Duke City

I like living in Albuquerque. I like that a traffic jam is unheard of here. I like our inexpensive cost of living. I like our local rock bands. I like driving around town and pointing out places where movies were shot. ("Look! On that corner, Optimus Prime got kicked in the balls, while on a cigarette break.") And I love teaching new residents of ABQ the roles. Teaching them things like: "The Sandia Mountains were named after the pink color they turn during the sunset. Sandia means Watermelon." "Don't ever try a newspaper at the News Stand. It's actually a porn shop." "Don't ever try to buy a bag of ice at the ice house. It's actually a strip club." "You can spot a hooker by the water bottle she/he carries." and "Yes, you're not seeing things. We have at least two Adult Video stores for every Starbucks."

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