Sunday, December 7, 2008

This is why I'm Jewish.

Friday Mr. J and I finally put up our Christmas tree. The tree has been a debate around Casa De Rising Sun since Halloween. I am a grumpy scrooge, who's idea of a Christmas tree is a scribbled drawing of a tree taped to the wall. But Mr. J is much more traditional, and wants a green plastic tree, with lights, garland and decorations hanging from the branches. We reached the agreement that I have made with everyone I've ever lived with. You buy the tree, put the tree together, decorate the tree yourself, so that I will never even have to touch the damned thing, and I will allow you to have a tree.

Mr. J bought the tree, but was on so much Vicodin, he was too nauseous to do anything else. So I put the tree together, fluffed out the branches (that does not make me a "fluffer", by the way), put lights on it, and decorated it. Lucky for him we don't have a lot of decorations. Next year, we're just taping a picture of a tree to the wall.

The tree, in all it's glory.

Ornament #1: The traditional condom moose.

Ornament#2: The tradional naked-guy-holding-a-camera penguin.


Pagan Lizard said...

now, why did y'all buy a tree that needs lights put on it when there was a perfectly good, brand new pre lit tree in my storage unit that i've said y'all can have?

just curious...

a smiley face said...

I agree with you.. There's too much fuss around the idea of stuffing a poor, unsuspecting tree in your house or cramped apartment for xmas.

But I disagree on the fluffer thing. Not only does fluffing up the branches make you a fluffer, I'll bet you ENJOYED fluffing those branches. Go on. Admit it!!
You... you fluffer!