Thursday, March 6, 2008

Toilet Paper Art

I have spent most of the day at work. Mr. J has spent most of the day in my bathroom. During the overlapping portion of these time periods it was fine. After all, I can't be at work and in my bathroom at the same time. (Why is "at work" instead of "in work"? Why is it "in my bathroom" and not "at my bathroom"? I digress.) But when I came home from work, Mr J continued to monopolize the bathroom. Selfish of him. Does he not realize how much I need to get in there to use the toilet paper? (Since I, as a girl, do not poo. Here are examples of things girls do with toilet paper when wasting time in the bathroom to give the illusion that we poo too.)

Many girls use to use toilet paper to stuff their shirts, but ever since the invention of silicone, we've had to get creative..... like....

Origami/The Sacred Point

Not-so-hidden messages

What do you think I wrote the annual Christmas letter on?

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