Monday, March 3, 2008

New Shoes

New job, new home, new(ish) car, new(again, ish) boyfriend, new blog, now if I could only get a new pair of shoes, I'd be set.

Speaking of shoes... I may love shoes, but mostly because they hide feet. I hate feet. They're weird, and wrinkly. Some people have hair growing on them in gross places, some people even have really stinky feet, even when they're not hot and sweaty. And toes. What the hell are toes? They're like gross mutants trying to be fingers, but due to evolution are useless. My barbie doll didn't have toes. Neither did my rag doll. None of my stuffed animals had (or have) toes. My baby doll did, but I also thought her toes were gross too.

I'm not the only one who finds feet/toes so wrong. There's a large population of people who suffer from "podophobia", the fear of feet. (Okay, the only other person I know is my mother, who I blame for giving me this shade of crazy. But look online, we're everywhere!) So, with all that in mind, why would anyone make a shoe like this....

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