Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Down with the sickness

Being sick, reminds me of my theories on hospitals. I came up with it a few years. So because I'm feeling too ucky to come up with anything original today, here's a post I wrote in my livejournal blog a few years ago when I was sick with a cold.

Ya' know, you never remember how horrible having a cold really is. At least I never do. When other people have colds, it's like "Wow, that sucks. But, why are you whining so much about it? I mean, it's just a fuckin' cold." Then I get one, and HOLY SHIT! These things are worse than the plague! I'd rather have leprosy. Seriously. The hacking, the wheezing, the drowsiness, the disgusting cold medicine and that which I have thoughtless contributed to for others... THE LACK OF SYMPATHY! I never knew I was such an ass. This is why we have hospitals. Not to help the sick, but to allow them to gather together and understand each other's pain. My mom is sick too, she's the sadistic bitch who gave this to me. At least that's what I use to say. Now, she is a poor soul for whom I have nothing but warmth and understanding for. I think I'm hallucinating. I think I'm dying and hallucinating.

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cielcornielle said...

oh honey! i'm so sorry. do you need anything? ginger ale? georgia peach tea? a big hug? waiting on gabe right now. just got am im from him and then my phone went offline... let me know if you need anything... *hug*