Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not dead or a quadriplegia yet

Did Suicidal Jane finally commit suicide? Get real. I've just been supremely busy. Here's with what:

I went to school, and finished! I am now a Toni & Guy trained, and MAC Cosmetic trained professional makeup artist. I have my own small company (Detective Agency Makeup), and have been designing and applying makeup for a few local fashion shoots here in Albuquerque. Exciting, right?

I've been designing websites for myself (Detective Agency Makeup), Opera Mom (Minnich Music) and a local school outreach program (who would not appreciate being linked to such an offensive blog).

Well if that wasn't enough for you, I've also been cheating on you. I've been writing somewhere else. Somewhere private and off-line. I've been trudging through, I mean working on my novel, the one about the vampire with bulimia.

But I've missed you, and I'm back. And boy do I have some things to write to you all about. True they're mostly porn related, but what do you think I've been doing while procrastinating writing about vampire puke and making already gorgeous models more gorgeous? I've been thinking up more deranged porn that doesn't exist but TOTALLY SHOULD!

So more to come. But just to give you something to think about until then, think about this. If I suddenly became a quadriplegic, due to some freak accident or something, I would totally go into the porn business. After all, the money could be good, and I wouldn't feel it anyway.... gotta pay the bills somehow, and maybe I could hit two fetishes at once and sleep all the way through it.

See? Every cloud has a silver lining.

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