Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not Another Bond Movie!

Quantum of Solace is the new James Bond movie coming out later this month.

Which has got me thinking.

In every Bond movie, there are two obligatory Bond babes. One of these girls is a villain, and the other works the light side of the force. Wait... wrong movie. The bad Bond girl sleeps with James Bond almost immediately upon meeting him. She can't seem to pull down her panties fast enough. (She'd save time if she went commando.) And as a consequence to her sluttiness, she will die in the next few minutes in the movie. But the good Bond girl is saving herself until the end of the movie, so the credits can scroll up her spine.

So my question is... Who was better in bed? Was Bond just sleeping with the good Bond girl, because she was the only girl around?

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Mr. J said...

James does the Good girl because he feels bad for her because she can't get any cock of her own. James loves the bad pussy.

Mr. J said...

Why the hell is your name on the poll? Is there something that I need to know?

James you are nothing but a dirty man whore.

Pagan Lizard said...

yeah, the bad girls are always dirty and know how to do the tricks that the buys like. the good girls learn from the bad girl because they're always together at "slumber parties" and we ALL know what THAT means... (pillow fights in their panties - a reason NOT to go commando all the time)

however, jane was the one who taught all the bond girls the dirty tricks that the boys like...

therefore, she is the best over all the rest!

a smiley face said...

I'm a fan of almost all things British, but Bond films... jeesh!! I'm rolling my eyes exaggeratedly right now. You can't see it but I am, I assure you. Sooo uncool and outdated. And not in the cool way, but in the most UNcool way.

Now.. if YOU were the Bond girl, on the other hand.. I might actually go to the trouble of illegally downloading it just to see that :)

There's my two cents. You may now go about whatever it was you were doing before unwittingly beginning to read this.