Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letters to a Marine - 5

While my twin brother is away at Marine boot camp, I'll be writing him weekly letters. Because I share everything with you, I'll also post them on my blog. Enjoy!

Thank you for the birthday card, it was very sweet. It’s currently on display at my cubicle, at work. Which is just as prestigious and the Smithsonian, if not more.

In case you’ve been wondering, I am proud to announce that I do NOT have cancer. You may not have known that this was a concern of mine, but ask your bunk mate. He knew about it. I’d given up getting a letter from you, so started writing to him instead. (By the way, he has lovely penmanship.) But now that you’ve finally validated my existence, I’ll let you do the honor of informing Recruit Joe B. Franklin.

Aside from the whole not having cancer thing, life in the Duke City is dull. I’ve been trying to turn my life in a medical drama, with me as the diagnostic genius. This week’s episode Mr. J thinks he has a tumor under his tongue, but it turns out to be mono. Not quite as thrilling as House, but I’m on a budget.

So what was it like there when Obama got elected? You did know about that, right? You’re not that isolated from the outside world, are you? Are parts of this letter going to be edited with black censor marker?

Did you lie about joining the Marines? Are you actually in prison?
I’ll see you when you get out of the pokey.

Love and Miss you,
Suicidal Jane


a smiley face said...

you're so witty!! AND you've got lovely assets :)

Pagan Lizard said...

that's so funny! really makes you wonder if R.A.S. is in the pokey... though, the marines call it the brig. at least the base wasn't hit too bad by the fires last month. it was a scary time!