Thursday, August 14, 2008

Love your pets, love your plushies.

Yesterday Mr. J blogged about the time he cheated on me with a care bear. I didn't know we had reached the stage in healing our relationship where we could talk about it, much less blog about it. But he feels we have so while he talks about his new fetish for all things fluffy here, I'd like to shed some light on sensitive topic.

Stuffed animal abuse. We've all heard about it. But have we done anything about it? It can be as innocent as a child throwing her beloved stuffed pony onto the bed in a hurried motion to clean her room before her parents get out the wooden spoon. Or an older sibling allows the family dog to rip off a stuffed bunny's ear. But it get worse than that. As these abusers become older, and more callus, they decide that they no longer need or want their stuffed animals. And so sell them into slavery at garage sales, as if these animals are possessions instead of family members. Or they are donated to toy drive for someone else to love, like a junkie mother leaving her babies in the woods not caring if they starve to death or get eaten by bears.

These are all forms of stuffed animal abuse. And if you see it, please speak up! These sweet stuffed creatures can't speak for themselves. If you see a plushie being smacked around, report it to the proper authorities. (Unless it's a consensual session of S&M plushie activities. Like the one shown above. Don't forget your safety word!)

How awesome is it that I didn't have to take that picture, but found it on Google!


Mr. J said...

I thought that we talked about this and cleared the air. I am sorry I hurt you Blue means nothing to me. Please forgive me...

HaLo said...

LOL.. too funny. I for one won't stand for stuffed animal abuse!! Nice to know people are starting to speak out about it :)