Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bridget the Spider's First Strike

Last week, a spider threatened the life of me and my family. Because I'm gutless, I fled the state and took sanctuary in Colorado. I hired an exterminator to spray my apartment for bugs. But it wasn't enough. The spider was a step ahead of me. She didn't come herself. Oh no, she hired a hit man to do her dirty work. A hit man that wouldn't be affected by bug spray. Bridget the Spider sent... a shark.

These images were captured by my security cameras. The bitch got my cats. She didn't even spare the mouse that lives under the fridge. Why? God, why?!


HaLo said...

I know it's sick to laugh at another's tragedy but...
I did :)

Mr. J said...

Services for the cats and mice will be held this Monday at 10am. There we be bowls for donations of tuna juice and catnip. That shark and spider will pay.