Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sad Girl

Every night I have reason to leave my apartment (and despite my very strong desire to become a hermit, is pretty often), I drive past a office building with one window lit. In the window I see a girl, sitting at her computer. I've named her "Sad Girl", and I like to imagine her life. Why is she working so late alone? And why does she look so sad? Recently, Mr. J got a job at the hospital connected to the office building. (Leading me to believe that the office building is the administrative branch of the hospital, but that's not set in stone.) So far, even on the days that he's worked late into the evening, he's never run into the mystery "Sad Girl". I'm beginning to believe that she's a ghost. A very sad ghost. I hope to learn more about her, and the tragic life she leads, or lost... And I hope that someday a "Sad Significant-Other" will pop in the picture and make her life a little less sad.

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