Saturday, February 23, 2008

Class of 2000

In two years, it will be time for my 10 year highschool reunion. Is it odd that I can't wait? Already I periodically check my year book. See who wrote what, what we looked like back then. I can't wait to go into a rented auditorium, see the lame banners, hear the music that was big then, see how the rest of the class looks, and what they've been up to. I bet I'm more successful than all of those losers.

By the way, I was homeschooled in highschool. So the graduating class of my school for 2000 was me, and the dog.

We're the Class of 2000 and we're going to take over the world bitches!


cielcornielle said...

okay, so we should go to my high school reunion together. i'll introduce you as my work mistress... people will point and say, WOW! that's kinda strange that i'm older than you and yet, we graduated the same year...

Suicidal Jane said...

I graduated early, I'm not only a smart ass, but I study good too! (er.. study well....)

I wanna go to your high school reunion! Can I wear my old prom dress too?