Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hot Cheeks

Mr. J and I went out to eat earlier today for lunch. (First of all, when you read the name, I would like you to imagine Harley Quinn from the Batman cartoon saying it. Complete with her accent. I hope you hear it like that, as I like to pretend I am Harley Quinn when I'm out with Mr. J. and he's the Joker.) We went out a family friendly restaurant, where we were seated next to a family. You know the group. Mom, Dad, Timmy, Jillian, and Grandma. Timmy and Jillian are playing on the edge of seat separating our "dining area" from theirs. Rolling a ball back and forth. The ball falls onto Mr. J's seat, hitting his back. Jillian, all of age 7, reaches for the ball. And what does her tiny hand find? Mr. J's ass.

And that's how I'm introducing Mr. J in my blog. Sweet.

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