Monday, August 27, 2012

Why is he so mad at me?

Mr. J was out of town all week. Leaving me home alone with the kitties. Mr. J doesn't let anyone use certain things when he's home. His pillow. His water bottle. His car. His pants. No one is allowed to touch them. (And I'm the crazy one??)

He got home yesterday. And he quickly noticed evidence that these things have not only been touched, they have been used.

His pillow? - The cats slept on, because they missed him. Awwwww, how cute, right?

His water bottle? - The cats knocked off the table because it smelled like him and they were angry that he was gone. Still cute, right?

His car? - The cats drove it to work, so that they could fill in for him at his job so he wouldn't have to use his vacation days.

His pants? - One cat wore them, while the other wore his shirts, and stood on the one-wearing-the-pants' shoulders to present a more human like shape. It must have looked pretty believable, since no one at work noticed!

Why is he so mad at me? I didn't touch his stuff.

I hope he doesn't notice that the cats used his razor.

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