Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Split Personality

While sitting in the bathroom, moaning about menstrual cramps, I voice in my head appeared. A new voice. One I had never heard before. One that had her own life story and opinions on everything thing.

And she wanted her own Twitter page.

To suddenly be making demands of me, I thought she must be very powerful. I hoped that if I gave her an outlet to voice herself that she'd be satisfied for a while, and would let me be.

I was wrong.

She's taken control my life and says she won't get me back my body for 3-5 days! She says that even when she does leave, she'll return in a month. Every month. For many, many years to come. I'm afraid. I'm afraid of things she'd do to me, my friends and family, my co-workers, every one. What will she do while she has control? Will she ruin my life? Do things I'll regret forever?


1 comment:

Pagan Lizard said...

reading flo's tweets reminds me why i'm so freakin glad i don't bleed anymore...