Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I wouldn't do well in prison!

I dedicate this post to all the pictures I haven't posted. To the ones still waiting to be uploaded to my computer, and to the one that I just didn't have the balls to take.

On our way home from picking up dinner, Mr J and I found ourselves driving directly behind a school bus. A large YELLOW bus, that had a bumper sticker. An amusing bumper sticker, at least to us, that read "Powered by Mercedes Benz".

"Quick! Take a picture of it!" Mr J cried.

I fumbled for my camera phone, but was unable to snap a picture of it before the bus turned off our course home. "Follow it! I'll take a picture at it's next stop."

But let me tell you, for those of you that don't know, following a school bus full of kids just to take a picture of makes you feel beyond creepy. When the bus pulled over, and kids started piling out, I had images of my name on a list of child predators. We left as soon as we could without hitting any children, picture untaken.

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