Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mr J would look stupid in a mustache anyway...

Not a Dodge Charger
Mr J's been thinking about buying a new car. I don't know if he's actually planning on purchasing a vehicle, or if he just enjoys looking at car stats online. Either way, he's been talking a lot about the Dodge Charger.

I don't even know what one looks like, but I've been told it's suppose to be quite the pimpin' car.

The other day, I pointed out, what I thought was a "pimpin'" car. "Is that a Dodge Charger?" I asked.
"No, that's a Dodge Magnum." Mr J informed me.

I told him, "You should get that, it looks cool."

Mr J disagreed, "I can't get that. It's a station wagon. We're not driving to Wally World with Audrey and Rusty."

"Vacation reference, nice touch. But really, you should get the Magnum. You can tell people you like your cars like you like your condoms!" I persuaded.

Mr J just looked at me, like people weren't going to fall for that.

So I told him, "It'll be great! You buy the Magnum, grow a mustache, start wearing Hawaiian shirts, solving mysteries and next thing you know you'll have a helicopter!"

"Hmmm... Wait! That's Magnum, P.I. I'm not going to reenact Magnum, P.I. Plus he didn't even get to fly the helicopter. That was T.C." He was so thrilled to be able to prove me wrong.

"Sorry, I guess it's been too long since I've since that bit on Robot Chicken." I conceded.


"Yeah, I've never seen Magnum, P.I. But I did see the sketch they did on Robot Chicken about the show."

"How have you never seen Magnum, P.I.? What's wrong with you?" Mr J was incensed.

"Uh... I'm 8 years younger than you. It stopped airing when I was 4."

So I looked it up. It actually stopped airing when I was 2. We're not getting that car.

Here's that Robot Chicken sketch.

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