Friday, March 19, 2010

Vietnam War Barbie

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, have produced many versions of veterinarian dolls over the decades. But why do they insist on labeling her as a "Pet Vet"?

Do marketers fear that consumers will mistake what a "Vet" is? Are parents worrying about their children playing with a doll that, due to traumatic events from the Vietnam War, suffers from flashbacks, guilt, hyper-vigilance, and unpredictable outbursts of anger that prevent Barbie from holding down a job and supporting herself financially? A doll that is forced out to live on the streets, making the therapy and medication she desperately needs that much harder for her to get?!

That seems like discrimination against the disabled to me.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Opera Mom. I bet you can't guess what your birthday present is!

You guessed homeless Barbie? Damn, I suppose you've proved me wrong, you can guess.

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