Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our founding fathers weren't as cute as David Cassidy

July 4th, the United States of America's Independence day. Back when I lived in Germany, with my Air Force family (and we only had one American TV channel to watch) my mother and I would watch "1776" on this day, every year. While I fondly remember it, any conversation about that movie with Opera Mom always ends up turning towards the movie "The Spirit of '76", a movie I'm sure David Cassidy wishes we would forget.

And thanks to the joys of YouTube, you can join me in spending the holiday thinking about stupid movies and their trailers. (Instead of blowing your arms off while trying to set off illegal fireworks.)

A synopsis of the movie provided by, "Future Americans decide to time travel to 1776 to ask the founding fathers for the solutions to their problems. A glitch in the time machine changes their destination to 1976. Still believing themselves to be in 1776, the time travellers attempt to study this "ideal" civilization. 70's jokes, props and stars abound."

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