Monday, July 13, 2009

Less pollution?

Car update:

I am never getting my car back. The technicians at Carmax are using my car to smuggle illegal Mexican gummy bears into the country.

Whatever, it's cool. I can walk everywhere, right?


Nameless Cynic said...

Yes, walking is good.

By the way, should I tell Diogenes that he's coming on to my daughter in some kind of weird way?

Suicidal Jane said...

Your readers are all around weird, and a little creepy.

Pagan Lizard said...

walking is good for you. you've done it before. there are still 3 months or so before winter so maybe they'll have your car finished by then. who knows.

i didn't know there was such a large market for illegal mexican gummy bears... maybe i should get into the market here. i could visit more often when i pick up my supplies. i'd be like the nancy botwin of mexican gummy bears.