Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm sending Bruce Willis a helmet.

I am completely insane when it comes to car safety. My screen name may state that I'm suicidal, but I have no desire to die in a car accident. I don't speed, I always use my turn signal, and I drive as if every car around me is trying to hit me. On my drive to work, I often find myself wondering if I should buy a helmet, just in case.

Imagine my horror, when I was watching an episode of Moonlighting, one of my favorite shows of the 80's, and noticed that the two main characters never wear their seat belts.

Cybill Shepherd is crying over her foolishness.

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Pagan Lizard said...

that was back in the days when seat belts weren't mandatory and kids were often found laying in the back window of the car acting as the bobblehead dolls.